The next generation of visitor management TDS Visitor SE2 (Series 2 for the Super Enterprise) has arrived.


Pandemic-Proof & Touchless Experience for Visitors


Following the Covid-19 global pandemic, TDS have implemented new features to our visitor system including pre-screening arriving visitors, a completely contactless check-in process and custom alert notifications.

These features provide a world- class and pandemic-proof solution minimising spread.

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Increased Catalogue of Integrations and Interfaces


We have introduced new integrations including Everbridge, Lenel Access, SCIM compliance, Microsoft Teams, FedCheck, C-Cure and Kaba Exos, which will not only improve the usability of our solution, but completely enhance the capabilities and scalability of our visitor management system.

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Enhanced System Functionality


The TDS Visitor SE2 upgrade has re-enhanced the functionality of existing features while developing new and improved features within the back-office.

Within our latest upgrade, the TDS Visitor functionality and usability improvements are primarily focused on the visitor dashboard, the quick register system, check-in kiosk updates and new features included in the visitor web app.

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New Features & Updates

  • Pandemic-proof Visitor Management
  • Touchless sign-in
  • Pre-Screen Visitors prior to arrival
  • Lenel Access Control Interface
  • SCIM Compliance
  • FedCheck watchlist Integration
  • New TDS Visitor web app
  • VIP Visitors catagory
  • New Kiosk model available
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Everbridge integration
  • Dormakaba EXOS integration
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TDS Visitor SE2

The next generation of Visitor Management

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Moving into a post-pandemic workplace, visitor management is now a necessity. A visitor solution is no longer traditionally for your visitors. A digital visitor management solution can and should be utilised for all personnel entering your workplace.

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