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Why move to the cloud?

  • No Hidden Costs

    A long term value for money solution. The annual fee is inclusive of: hosting, support and maintenance, server licences, Oracle licences, patches, critical updates and more. 

  • Secure Solution 

    Cloud security at TDS is the highest priority and it protected by the highest standards of security, using AWS RDS. 

  • Fully Scalable Solution

    As your organisation grows & changes, services and resources can be quickly added and subtracted - Your application can scale up or down based on your demand. 

  • Easy-to-use System

    Getting started with TDS Cloud is simple, no matter what product category you are using. TDS Cloud is designed to securely host your application.

  • Highly Stable Solution

    The technical environment available to our customers through TDS Cloud typically provides our clients with a more resilient, high quality and flexible infrastructure than you can achieve in-house. 

TDS is trusted by some of the world's top brands
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