TDS Visitor
    TDS Visitor
    An industry-leading visitor management solution, providing for the full visitor lifecycle while delivering a single view of visitors to multiple locations across an organisation.
    When planning for and welcoming visitors and guests, TDS Visitor manages the full visitor lifecycle end-to-end, from pre-registration and self-service checking-in to notifying hosts of visitor arrivals and checking out, ensuring all appropriate health, safety and legal requirements are met.
    The latest version of our visitor management system, TDS Visitor SE1 is now live. TDS Visitor SE1, meaning Series 1 for the Super Enterprise, is the next generation of our visitor management solution, with all the latest features included.


    Key Features

    A detailed and efficient cloud-based Visitor Management solution that can be self-service operated via Kiosk, Tablet or from reception.

    Quick Register Screens

    Quick Register

    Streamline check-in processes and reduce administrative burdens with our Quick Register portal.

    • Upload Multiple Invites
    • View Arrival Status
    • Generate Pre-Registered Lists
    • Send QR Codes for Quick Check-In
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    Visitor Login Screens

    Visitor Check-In

    Empower visitors to check-in with simple, self-service workflows.

    • Unique Check-In Workflows
    • Automatic Host Notifications
    • Brand-Specific NDA’s
    • Customisable Badge Designs
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    Reporting Screens

    On-Site Reporting

    Real-time graphical reporting insights help security, facilities and other departments increase their role productivity and efficiency as they accurately plan and act.

    • Visitor Management
    • Contractor Management
    • Event Management
    • Health, Safety and Legally Compliant
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    • Quick Register
    • Visitor Check-In
    • On-Site reporting
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    Visitor Capture

    All TDS solution designs follow a user-centric principle of ‘focus on the user and all else will follow’. Keeping this in mind, TDS provide simple, and efficient user experiences combined with innovative, market-leading designs.

    Free Standing Kiosk

    This powerful, self-supporting unit allows visitors, contractors and guests to check-in, capture photos, sign NDA’s and print visitor badges without requiring receptionists assistance.  With QR code scanning functionality, this robust kiosk facilitates high volumes of rapid check-in processing.

    Free Standing Kiosk
    iPad or Tablet

    This device provides a vital function for the modern office reception. Assisting receptionists in their day-to-day activities via Self-Register features and host notifications, receptionists can optimise performance levels by focusing on other tasks while visitors and guests engage with self-service workflows. 

    iPad or Tablet
    Counter-Mounted Kiosk

    The Counter-Mounted Kiosk delivers easy-to-use, self-service visitor processing and management. With resilient and intuitive software, this touchscreen-enabled device provides visitors and guests with a solution that is optimised for high levels of visitor traffic processing.

    Counter-Mounted Kiosk

    Components Breakdown

    A detailed and efficient cloud-based Visitor Management solution that can be self-service operated via Kiosk, Tablet or from reception.

    TDS Visitor Course

    Visitor Course

    Our visitor system enables custom workflows for check-in to your facility, depending on guest type - Visitor, Contractor, VIP and more.

    • Branded interface
    • NDA & document signing
    • Photo capture
    • Accept site rules
    • Customisable badge design
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    TDS Cloud Overview

    Visitor Cloud

    Cloud security at TDS is the highest priority and is protected by the highest standards of security.

    • Hosted & Managed on AWS RDS
    • Protected by HTTPS / TLS 1.2
    • Data encrypted at rest with AES256 on all instances
    • Application security reviewed and tested to ISO 27001
    • Proactive penetration testing using Edge Scan
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    Visitor Connect

    TDS Visitor provides you a fully integrated solution, with over 125+ integrations available. Our expert team are on hand to consult on optimising your solution.

    • Host Notifications
    • Directory Services
    • Security & Access Control
    • HR Systems
    • Sales & Marketing
    • File Sharing
    • Business Intelligence
    • Plus 120+ more!
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    • Visitor Course
    • Visitor Cloud
    • Visitor Connect
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    See how TDS Visitor can help your organisation overcome challenges with our diverse range of benefits

    • Enhanced Visitor Experience
    • Modernise Reception
    • Centralised Visitor Location Insights
    • Reduce Administrative Burdens
    • Mitigate Unknown Threats
    • Health & Safety and GDPR Compliance
    • Accountability for On-Site Visitors
    • Offer Full Third-Party Visibility
    • Create Powerful First Impressions
    • Streamline Visitor Check-In Processes
    • Facilitate High Volumes of Check-Ins
    • Optimised Site Security across Facilities
    • Reduce Visitor Waiting Times
    • Comprehensive Visitor Reporting
    • Improve Event Processing
    • Create Brand-Enhancing Badges
    • Utilise Key Visitor Insights 
    • Utilise Easy Back-Office Accessibility
    • Customise Check-In Experiences
    • High Volume Visitor Facilitation
    • Notify Hosts of Visitor Arrival Instantly
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    Digitally Transform your Reception

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    Revolutionise your reception by single-handedly managing third-party visitors, contractors and events through deep integrations, comprehensive planning and detailed reporting.

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