TDS Student
    TDS Student
    At TDS we develop and implement solutions for a variety of educational institutions. Vertical integration with TDS Suite provides end to end systems including ID card production, site safety, head counting, attendance monitoring and data capture hardware and software.

    TDS Student has been developed to enable educational institutions to meet their academic, legal and contractual requirements in respect of student attendance monitoring, whilst increasing the efficiency of attendance and data capture. TDS Student allows engagement with the students, track their attendance and monitor involvement in campus life.

    Key Features

    TDS Student pulls in all student engagement interactions from across multiple channels into a single, clean interface.


    Student Portal

    The TDS Student Portal acts as a one-stop-shop for all students to support their academic life in University. The portal will provide students with a single point of access for all their student engagement and attendance in their University life.

    • Increased Student Engagement & Empowerment
    • Integrated Communications Functionality
    • Improved Student Experience
    • Register attendance at virtual lectures & off campus activities
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    Lecturer Portal

    The dashboard allows academic staff to track student participation and engagement across their University and access detailed real-time information on students progress.

    • Real-time direct feedback
    • Student Participation & Engagement reporting
    • Absense notifications
    • GDPR data compliant views
    • Student views (individual and group level)
    • Decreased operating costs
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    Academic staff can access detailed reporting on students attendance by module, absence reasons and individual student's absence. Users can also access location capacity optimisation reporting to allow for future resource planning.

    • Configurable cohorts reporting
    • Identify emerging trends & patterns
    • Space Utilisation
    • Legal Visa compliance for international students (UKVI)
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    • Student Portal
    • Lecturer Portal
    • Reporting Dashboard
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    Data Capture

    We offer a wide variety of data capturing options for student attendance and engagement for a varying degree of objectives. Arrange a free consultation to find out which would work best to suit your goals. 

    Fixed Wall Readers


    • Smartphone registration
    • LCD touchscreen
    • Custom branding
    • Audio Visual Feedback

    Key Deliverables:

    • Accurate attendance measurement
    • Implementation of an attendance policy
    • Legislative compliance
    • Estates management & room utilisation
    • Data point for learner analytics platforms
    Student Attendance Reader
    Mobile Readers


    • Handheld RFID & QR code scanners
    • WiFi, GSM, 3G/4G

    Key Deliverables:

    • Off campus activities
    • Field trips
    • Ad-hoc & non-timetabled events
    • Tier4 checkpoints
    • Invigilator checks
    Mobile Readers
    Beacon & Long-Range Readers


    • Rapid deployment
    • Minimal infrastructure investment

    Key Deliverables:

    • Learner analytics & engagement
    • Student services & duty of care
    • Data point for learner analytics platforms
    Online Activity


    • Capture attendance at virtual lectures (images, Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle)
    • Student self registration via mobile devices or PC’s
    • Geolocation verification
    • Real-time registration verification

    Key Deliverables:

    • Attendance registrations from any third party systems
    • Data point for learner analytics platforms
    • Register attendance at work placements, field trips & off campus activities

    Solution Components

    A SaaS Student Attendance, monitoring and engagement platform, built to keep students active, ensure compliance and allow for early intervention based on patterns & institutional policies. 


    Fully automated workflows

    The student attendance and monitoring solution that not only monitors and reports on student attendance and performance but actively engages students to increase their involvement and improve student retention during a course lifecycle.

    • Real-time student attendance monitoring and recording
    • Fixed and/or mobile data collection options
    • Integration to Campus developed proprietary systems
    • Fully automated course & administration management
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    Student Cloud

    Cloud security at TDS is the highest priority and is protected by the highest standards of security.

    • Hosted & Managed on AWS RDS
    • Protected by HTTPS / TLS 1.2
    • Data encrypted at rest with AES256 on all instances
    • Application security reviewed and tested to ISO 27001
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    Student Connect

    TDS Student Connect

    TDS provides a fully integrated solution, with over 125+ integrations available. Our open APIs allow data insertion & extraction from many third party Student systems including:

    • ExLibris CampusM
    • Unit4
    • SITS
    • MiFare
    • Scientia
    • and many more!
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    • Student Workflows
    • Student Cloud
    • Student Connect
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    See how your College or University can benefit from TDS Student

    • Real-time Attendance data
    • Automatic early intervention
    • Automated communications with students
    • Course Management & Room Utilisation
    • Policy Administration
    • Automate UKVI reporting & monitoring
    • Easily adjust to policy & legislative changes
    • Live Student Analytics
    • University branded software & hardware
    • Segment students with focus on those who need it most
    • Learner Analytics, such as patterns of attendance & absences
    • Legal Visa compliance (UKVI)
    • GDPR Compliant
    • Estate Utilisation
    • 125+ Integrations available
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