Protect your enterprise with a secure foundation - from gateway to endpoint. The comprehensive enterprise management security suite is built on Oracle, that is flexible, integrable and customisable to an individual organisation’s security requirements.
    TDS Access has been successfully installed at some of the largest facilities in the world including hospitals, government buildings, corporate premises and universities. The system provides a highly stable, proven solution for installations where security is of paramount importance.
    TDS Access provides your facility with a more secure working environment for your people, property and assets by seamlessly integrating into your facility’s management and security systems and procedures. The latest version of our Access Control system, TDS Access SE1 is now live. SE1, meaning Series 1 for the Super Enterprise, is the next generation of our Access Control solution, with all the latest features included.

    Key Features

    TDS Access Control Panel

    Control Panel

    The control panel contains a brief overview of activity that is currently happening in your account.

    • Manage from the Web
    • 3rd Party Integration
    • User Roles for Controlled Access
    • Easy Deployment
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    TDS Access Dashboard
    TDS Access Dashboard


    Quickly visualise key metrics from the tools you use with the improved user-focused designed portal.

    • Highly Customisable
    • Browser Based
    • Drag & Drop Interface
    • Clear & Simple Visualisations
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    TDS Access Reporting Dashboard


    The user can access detailed reports regarding the information contained in the database without the need for programming skills.

    • Measure, control and monitor the workforce
    • Demonstrate Compliance and Produces External Reports
    • Enhance facility management
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    • Control Panel
    • Dashboard
    • Reporting
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    We hand pick the most advanced card and badge readers to ensure your preferred hardware meets requirements of the ever changing technology landscape.

    Kaba 9600 Terminal

    Small size, great variety. The Kaba Terminal 96 00 makes a very attractive choice with its ease of use and elegant, compact design with a touchscreen. It is the ideal entry-level solution for simple time recording and access control applications. The 3" touchscreen not only makes it easy to operate but can also provide the user with company news or personal information

    Kaba 9600 Terminal
    HID RP40

    HID Security hardware provides enhanced security through mutual authentication and data encryption. Whether reading proximity or multi-technology cards, identical user identification data formats are sent to the panel.

    HID RP40
    Kaba 9700 Terminal

    High tech with an intelligent design
    The Kaba Terminal 97 00 carries out a wide range of tasks for professional time recording and access control, while providing customer-specific information and applications. The design concept is complemented by the sleek lines of the device, the elements in the graphical user interface and the RFID reader.


    Components Breakdown

    A SaaS Access Control solution, built for the Super Enterprise. Protect your enterprise with a secure foundation - from gateway to endpoint.
    TDS Access Course

    Access Course

    TDS solutions follow a user-centric principle. Access Capture provides bespoke custom workflow solutions, tailored to your specific Access Control requirements. Hardware available include: 

    • Kaba Terminals
    • HID Readers
    • Mercury & Kaba Controllers
    • Turnstiles
    • Beacon Technology
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    TDS Cloud Overview
    TDS Access

    Access Cloud

    Cloud security at TDS is the highest priority and is protected by the highest standards of security.

    • Hosted & Managed on AWS RDS
    • Protected by HTTPS / TLS 1.2
    • Data encrypted at rest with AES256 on all instances
    • Application security reviewed and tested to ISO 27001


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    TDS Access Integrations
    TDS Access

    Access Connect

    TDS Access provides you a fully integrated solution, with over 125+ integrations available.

    • Lenel
    • Salto
    • Winguard
    • Honeywell
    • Assa Abloy
    • Kone
    • and many more!


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    • Access Course
    • Access Cloud
    • Access Connect
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    See how TDS Access can help your organisation overcome challenges with our diverse range of benefits.

    • Fully scalable solution
    • Real-time online monitoring
    • In-depth command control centre
    • Thin client
    • RFID technologies
    • Mobile device support and accessibility
    • Intuitive customisable interface
    • ID personalisation
    • Cloud-based compatibility
    • Role-based permissions system
    • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Extended functionality plug-in system
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