Integrated Access Control with TDS Access

    Provide your facility with a more secure environment with TDS Access; built to provide your facility with a more secure working environment for your people, property and assets.

    From a single site to 1000's of concurrent users within multiple site locations, TDS can cater to your unique and specific requirements. TDS Access protects your enterprise with a secure foundation – from gateway to endpoint.

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    Trusted and deployed across 1000’s of worldwide locations by top brands

    Create a More Secure Working Envrionment


    Scale Globally Across All Facilities

    Open platform system from SMBs to large-scale enterprise facilities. 

    Admin Dashboard

    Display Clear Admin Dashboard

    Presenting real-time administrative details at all times.

    Data Management

    Data Management and Real-Time Reporting

    Allows the user to gain deep insights into their organisation.

    Software Updates

    Regular Updates with Enhanced Features

    Continuous updates providing the latest and greatest software.

    Increase Security

    Enhance Overall Facility Security

    Improve the overall security of your facility, no matter the industry.

    Regulate Multi-Location Access

    Regulates Multi-Location Access

    Improve accessibility for personnel by configuring multi-site permission.

    GDPR Compliance

    GDPR Compliance and Secure Data

    Provides a secure network strengthening your database from risk. 

    On-Site Transparancy

    Improve On-Site Visibility

    The solution is prompted to record time, location and ID badge number.

    Why companies choose TDS Access

    Integrations to Existing Workplace Systems

    Integrations to Existing Workplace Systems

    TDS Access has the technical abilities required to provide clients with flexible and integrable solutions. Built on an open platform, TDS Access integrates with third-party technologies to allow for rapid and cost-efficient deployment. As a buildable solution you can integrate visitor management, lifesafety, beacon tracking and much more from TDS.

    • Scalable across large-scale enterprises
    • Integrations to visitor management
    • Beacon tracking, emergency mustering
    • Integration to existing infrastructure
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    Extensive Hardware Options

    Extensive Hardware Options

    When it comes to access readers, TDS work with leading hardware providers to facilitate your unique industry requirements, partnering with the world’s leading suppliers of access control hardware including DormaKaba, HID and Mercury Security. From badge readers to controllers, TDS Access provides the latest and greatest hardware.

    • Mercury Panels
    • DormaKaba Hardware Readers
    • HID Hardware Readers
    • Future-proof and innovative hardware 
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    Cloud Hosting

    Cloud Hosting

    Fully cloud based solution, Tier 1 SLA, full GDPR compliance, built for the Super Enterprise. Hosted on AWS, TDS Access is the best in class in resilience and scalability and allows for rapid deployment, installation and management. The solution is resilient and accessible allowing users to have critical updates without going on-site.

    • Identity and data management
    • Regular software updates 
    • Secure data protection with GDPR
    • Cloud-based compatibility
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    TDS integrates to 125+ of the worlds leading workplace applications

    The essential features to secure your organisation

    Access Control

    Automatic Door Management

    This feature is popular with organisations that are often open to members of the public during the day and closed at night.

    web app

    Unique Alarm Notifications

    As a method of differentiating between urgent, non-urgent and emergency events, different notification sounds can be configured in the Access Control back-office.

    Workplace Safeguarding

    Back-Office Accessibility

    To accommodate for a growing demand in smarter, more mobile-friendly solutions, Access Control has evolved to become more accessible and user-friendly.

    Scheduled Backups

    Scheduled Secure Backups

    Regardless of the Access Control solution you plan on deploying, it is fundamental that the chosen solution offers the ability to backups of the access database.

    Custom, Real-Time Reports

    Custom, Real-Time Reports

    Access Control solutions are capable of running and exporting various customisable reports.

    Fast and Secure Cloud Hosting

    Fast and Secure Cloud Hosting

    For the most fast and secure hosting option Cloud hosting is the far superior option.

    Photo Notifications

    Photo Notifications

    Notifications can be configured to display photo captures as badge users pass through access-protected doors.

    Elevator Control

    Elevator Control

    Badges can be configured to activate the elevator call button for authorised employees.

    Webinar: Prepare to Return to Your Workplace Effectively

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    In our latest webinar, we’re discussing how to best prepare your office to return to work post-pandemic using innovative, digital workplace solutions.
    Our 30 minute webinar will provide you with information on how effective and future-proof access control and help organisation's create a safe and secure working environment.

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    The Essentials to Enterprise Access Control

    Industry Specific Requirements

    Industry Specific Requirements

    TDS Access is an industry specific solution that can cater to your unique and specific requirements. By working closely with customers, a secure access solution specific to your business can be tailored to meet your exact needs. From a single site to 1000 concurrent users, to multi-location sites, we can cater for them all. 

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    Future-Proof Solution

    Future-Proof Solution

    The future-proofed access control management system offers one of the most comprehensive, powerful and scalable security solutions available. The system can be fully integrated into already existing security solutions and include add-on systems post installation in order to strengthen your organisation’s defences. 

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    Open Platform Design

    Open Platform Design

    TDS Access is built on an open platform design which integrates with third-party technologies to allow for rapid and cost-efficient deployment. The TDS open architecture model makes it possible for end-user organisations to provide a streamlined path to move from proprietary or obsolete systems to an open flexible and inter-operable platform for systemic access control.

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