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    At TDS, we provide innovative software solutions for global organisations, including our leading enterprise Evacuation system, to completely optimise your workplaces safety and protect your employees. 

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    Why workplaces need TDS Emergency Evac:

    • Accountability of Personnel

      When personnel enter and leave your facility, the TDS Safety Information Panel updates automatically

    • Last-Known Location Tracking

      TDS’ unique reporting functionality enables emergency services to pinpoint the last known location of missing persons

    • Evacuation Missing List

      A ‘Missing List’ is automatically generated upon initiation of the evacuation process

    • Emergency Status Initiated

      When an emergency evacuation is initiated, all access points become open and the Life Safety muster points become active

    We also can cater to your specific individual requirements and help develop a custom solution that will help manage all of your workplaces needs from entry point to exit.

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