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Why Healthy Attendance Levels are Fundamental to Student Growth.

Why Healthy Student Attendance Levels are Fundamental to Student GrowthEncouraging students to attend class regularly is one of the most impactful and effective ways educators can prepare students for future success. When a student is absent from an academic commitment such as a lecture, lab or field trip, they miss out on an opportunity to improve their learning development.

In this feature, we discuss why it is so important for educators to create a routine of attending class for their students.

The Modern Approach to Student Attendance Management

To help educators monitor student attendance levels and increase academic progress visibility, many schools and universities are evaluating whether or not a digital Student Success platform can provide the necessary functions and features.

It is commonly understood that regular attendance and academic achievement are closely linked. By monitoring each student’s progress closely, it is easier to identify which students require additional support from an early age. If a Student Success platform is introduced to a campus, there are two guaranteed outcomes;

  1. Schools and universities can gauge attendance rates and make plans to increase these figures.
  2. Students can assess their academic progress visibility, improving student awareness levels and the level of responsibility associated with their education.

Early identification and intervention are critical when addressing attendance issues and potential student disengagement from education, therefore, promoting school attendance, building a positive school climate and supporting students address barriers that influence weak attendance are key elements in helping students attend school more frequently.


The Negative Impact of Poor Attendance

When a student’s attendance record is strong, their grades and understanding of subjects improve, even if they continue to struggle academically. Students that attend school regularly are also understood to feel a stronger connection with their academic community, develop important social skills and improve the likelihood of graduating into the next phase of their educational journey.

Students that frequently miss school, however, are more likely to struggle academically, impacting their future prospects as a direct implication. Daily attendance is important for all students, helping ensure students don’t fall behind academically, socially or developmentally.


Increasing Investment Value

Student Success platforms offer key insights and detailed reports for educators, students and administrators, however, when these solutions are integrated with third-party education-based Learning Management Systems (LMS) like BlackBoard and Moodle, students and educators can benefit from more than just attendance engagement results, giving lecturers and teachers the ability to connect and communicate with students in a two-way academic relationship, minimising drop-out rates and improving student success as a result.


To learn more about our Student Success platform, visit TDS Student for more information.

Taylor McGavisk
Taylor McGavisk
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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