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    Unique Check-In Workflows

    Unique Check-In Workflows


    Each Super Enterprise engages with a diverse range of visitors and guests on a day-to-day basis. Ranging from interviewees and clients to delivery drivers and contractors, each individual visitor is on-site for a specific purpose. 

    By offering organisations the ability to create and customise workflows to suit each visitor type and instance, check-in processes can be streamlined by eliminating unnecessary data gathering, and visitor experiences can be enhanced by using self-service check-in options.

    Catering to a range of Fortune 500 organisations, TDS understand some organisations enforce their own policies and requirements when dealing with visitors or any non-employee on-site. For this reason, we have designed TDS Visitor with flexibility in mind. Our interactive user interface (UI) enables authorised personnel to design, create and tailor workflows to meet requirements and capture the relevant data associated with each visitor type. 

    Custom Workflow Back OfficeWith GDPR coming into effect May 2018, there is a large onus being placed on organisations requiring them to enhance their data protection measures by securely and responsibly storing any data that has been gathered. 

    Customising workflows allow organisations to define how they wish to process each visitor type. An e.g. of this is enabling the 'Government ID Scanning' function available. This feature can be used to verify a select visitor type i.e. guests arriving for a meeting. A user-friendly drag-and-drop user interface enables users to rapidly develop and arrange visitor workflows. 


    How to Utilise Custom Workflows

    Upon arrival, each visitor will approach either a Visitor Kiosk or Tablet to begin their check-in process. Once the process is initiated, the visitor will be presented with a custom-built screen, outlining which visitor type options are available to use to check-in. After checking the option that most applies to them, the visitor is then requested to engage with and complete the corresponding workflow, allowing the organisation to gain any vital information it requires to ensure internal protocols and requirements are met. 

    This initial two steps are the foundations on which check-in workflows are built upon. Once an organisation defines their Visitor Types, they can then proceed to create a unique check-in experience by adding and ordering a range of useful options. For example, our check-in workflow below is a simple and straight forward one. Check In > Select Visitor Type > Sign NDA > Capture Image.


    Checking In and Selecting a Visitor Type


    Signing NDA's and Capturing a Photo


    Customisable Check-In Workflow Options

    Image Capture: Facial Recognition is one of our the most popular workflow options used by our Super Enterprise clients, partially due to the additional layer of security added to the check-in process but this feature is also enables security teams and receptionists to verify each visitor on-site. 

    Government ID Scanning: As an additional security procedure, organisations integrate Government ID Scanning to enforce guest verification and enter guests through Watch Lists. This ensure internal protocols and requirements are enforced at the gateway. 

    Badge Printing: With re-printable and paper-based badge options both available, users can integrate Visitor Management and Access Control simply and effectively. 

    Digital Forms: Removing the reliance on paper has been a long-time goal for many organisations seeking to remain with the pace of the Digital Revolution. Digital Forms enable users to add any required NDA's, T & C's documents and any other legal documentation to their Visitor Kiosk for visitors to engage with inside the check-in process.  

    Videos: If required, users can add any tutorial or corporate video to their TDS Kiosk to increase brand exposure or to simply share any information they feel their visitors may benefit from. In the case of Contractors, health and safety videos can be included at the end of the check-in process. 



    Improved Visitor Experience: By migrating from a traditional visitor management system to a digital one, visitors can experience seamless workflows with a clean interface, reducing wait times and paperwork.

    Fully Compliant: It can be difficult to pinpoint when exactly a visitor last entered a site and all the details accompanied with the visit when this data is recorded on a paper-based system. By storing visitor data in TDS Cloud, users can trace every users.

    Detailed Visitor Reporting: In align with GDPR Compliance, the opportunity digital Visitor Management Systems provide users are deep and detailed. From Reasons for Visit, Visit Type, Visitor by Host and more reporting options available, Security and Facility Management Teams are equipped with all the information they need to make insightful decisions. 

    Improved Reception Efficiency: With receptionists spending less time catering to visitor sign-in they have more time to focus on other tasks, improving the efficiency of their role. 


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    Some other useful Visitor Management Features include; Beacon Tracking and Multi-Lingual Capabilities

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    Taylor McGavisk
    Taylor McGavisk
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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