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Visitor Management for  Global Corporations


In today’s global business environment organisations with facilities spread across the world, managing the flow of visitors requires organisations to take a global approach to their visitor management practices.


With visitors and employees alike moving between offices, what works well at a local level may prove ineffective on a global scale. With over 27 years’ experience working with the world’s largest global organisations, TDS has identified some best practices when seeking to implement a global visitor management solution. 


Complete Visitor Transparency

TDS Visitor's back end shows a live database view by of all locations, offices and collection points, giving you a real-time look at your global facilities.

Custom workflow optionsCustom Workflows at each facility

With different facilities requiring different levels of security, the 'custom workflows' option is a great advantage for companies welcoming visitors on a global scale. 
This functionality allows companies to standardise certain elements across their global estate, but also allowing for certain changes on a local level.  The simple drag-and-drop feature allows for companies to add steps such as NDA Signing, Photo Capture and Instructional Videos to the check-in process, all from one centralised configuration.



Detailed Insights and Reporting Suite

TDS Visitor has a comprehensive and detailed reporting suite which allows authorised personnel to view a companies full global outlook, by location, office, collection point. Analytics include Headcount, host, pattern, registration type, visit reason and feedback. These reports can be pulled by by hour or any specified date range, with an in-built simple export to Excel or CSV feature included. 


Scalable Security

While many variables may differ across locations from a security perspective one critical element remains the same, unwanted guests are unwanted everywhere. By leveraging the power of global watch lists, your security team can ensure any unwanted guests are screened with any action necessary taken in advance of the visitor's arrival on-site.

A SaaS Visitor Management solution increases visibility across multiple locations, improves the security process and standardises processes on a global level.


To learn more about more TDS Visitor, book a in-depth 30minute demo from one of our product specialists here.Free-Demo

Adam Roylance
Adam Roylance
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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