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Utilising a Student Success Platform to Achieve Tier 4 Compliance

TDS-Student-Tempate-3-1For any Educational Institution that accepts and hosts International students, maintaining a Tier 4 sponsorship licence is critical. In this post, we discuss how a Student Success Platform can help Universities and Schools achieve UKVI and Tier 4 Compliance.


What is Tier 4 Compliance?

In the UK, there are a number of strict requirements in place for international students that want to engage in a study abroad programme. When students enrol in these programmes, it's well known that their success is largely dependent on students taking ownership of their academic commitments, including; ensuring all paperwork is up to date, maintaining strong attendance levels, providing up-to-date personal details and of course, behaving in a way that represents them and their host in a positive manner.

If a student fails to comply with these requirements, host Universities are responsible for reporting these students and in some cases, cancel sponsorships, resulting in a student returning home without any recognition or reward of studying abroad. 


How does a Student Success Platform help achieve Compliance?

Student Success Platforms have seen a consistent rise in popularity in Educational Institutes with staff members and administrators citing comprehensive reporting functions and diverse functionality as key performance indicators that are difficult to obtain with traditional student management methods.

Listed below are a just some of the responsibilities a Student Success Platform helps handle in a more efficient, productive and insightful way. 


Upload and Store Documents

Students and/or administrative staff can upload and save copies of important student documents such as; passports, visas, enrollment acceptance and more here, providing everyone associated with enough visibility to ensure no important documents are forgotten about and remain up-to-date.


Record up-to-date Student Details

Important student details such as contact number, email address, class schedule and emergency contact are all stored in unique student profiles for easy locating should a member of staff need to reach out.


Student Attendance Reporting

Many Student Success Platforms come with a Student Attendance Monitoring function that measures and tracks individual student attendance levels. The advantage of this is being that if a student falls below a certain level of attendance and become in danger of non-compliance, a message can be sent from the University to inform this student of the threat, providing the student with an opportunity to boost their attendance levels. However, if administrators identify students that continuously fail to register their class attendance, staff can report these students for failing to comply with UKVI Tier 4 requirements.


Immigration Status Changes

Another benefit associated with Student Success Platforms are the insights provided when a student changes their University programme or completes their studies early. These actions both impact immigration status and may cause sponsorships to end prematurely. The advantage here, however, is that these actions allow staff to remain informed, enabling them to notify UKVI of these significant circumstance changes.


A Market-Leading Student Success Platform

TDS Student has been developed to enable educational organisations to meet their academic, legal and contractual requirements in respect of student attendance monitoring, whilst increasing the efficiency of attendance and data capture. With a long list of recognisable Educational Institute clients, TDS Student is focused on providing a smarter campus for both staff and students.


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Taylor McGavisk
Taylor McGavisk
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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