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    Update: TDS software now fully GDPR Compliant

    It doesn’t matter if you’re American, European, Australian or live in Antarctica. If you have a website that European visitors use, visit, or buy from, then GDPR affects you from Friday, 25th May 2018.


    So, what does this mean for existing TDS customers?

    We are committed to making all TDS products GDPR compliant. This means you can continue serving your European employees, site visitors and customers without any worries. 


    What is TDS doing to ensure GDPR compliance?

    - We’ve updated our Privacy Policy, making it simpler and much easier to understand. We’ve also included examples that show you how we implement our privacy practices.

    - We have prepared a Data Processing Agreement. IMPORTANT: If TDS processes data on behalf of your company, you should have a Data Processing Agreement or appropriate clauses in place.

    - We have published some useful GDPR information on our blog here


    Still confused?

    If you have any further questions regarding how GDPR impacts your business, contact us at - we’re here to help!

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    Adam Roylance
    Adam Roylance
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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