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Top 10 Reasons Why Organisations Choose a Visitor Managment Solution


10reasonsarticleMost Visitor Management solutions in today's market are equipped with a diverse range of features and benefits. To help decision-makers identify which of these fundamental reasons to implement a visitor management solution to your company, we have compiled the Top 10 Reasons Why Organisations Choose TDS Visitor. 


1. Fully Functional Back-Office Connectivity 

From front-of-house staff to global security management TDS Visitor allows for full functionality in assisting the visitor process. This includes checking in visitors, contacting hosts, printing the visitor passes and checking out visitors. The creation of detailed visitor reports provides employees with visual insights that help improve role functions inside organisations. Search criteria such as; Visitor Type, Entry Time, Departure Time, Visitor Name and Access Authorisation is provided in real-time to help security teams, receptionists and other employees identify data trends.


2. Global and Felxible Scalability

TDS Visitor provides unequalled flexibility for the Super Enterprise. The solution is multilingual, supports multiple locations and countries on one single system all while providing one view of the visitor across your global estate. 

While many variables may differ across locations from a security perspective one critical element remains the same - unwanted guests are unwanted everywhere. By leveraging the power of global watch lists, your security team can ensure any unwanted guests are screened with any action necessary taken in advance of the visitor's arrival on-site. 


3. Streamlined Event Management Capabilities 

Full event management including registration, information pack emails, badge design, and pre-printing, integrated event entry and head counting. With this, group visits can be streamlined to allow for one lead visitor name, followed by remaining visitors, allowing for quick and easy group or event check-in. 


4. Real-Time Insights on Visitor Activity

A greater understanding of visitor activities on-site; from visit dates to collection points. By providing data-rich insights for both real-time and historic visits, Management Teams can analyse visits by location and reason, providing insights into how managers can better manage visitors on-site. 

Laptop with Headcount

5. Multi-Platform Support for Visitors

The ability of our Visitor management solutions to integrate with other popular solutions such as Emergency Evacuation and Access Control help offer additional value-added possibilities for hosts to enjoy. For our Super Enterprise Clients, TDS Visitors' ability to integrate with other popular solutions has led to our clients operating with greater visibility of everyone on-site while also providing visitors and third-parties with the opportunity to print access-authorised user-badges, allowing them to enter and exit pre-determined areas of the facility. 


6. Optimise your Workspace with Expansive Feature Integrations

One of the greatest advantages of transforming your reception with a Digital Visitor Management System is the ability to integrate into your existing workplace applications.

A quality Visitor Management solution ensures hosts are notified of visitor arrivals, regardless of their destination. Whenever a visitor completes their check-in process via a Visitor Management solution, automated notifications are sent as; SMS Email, Push Notifications, etc. to inform hosts of visitors arrivals. Once notified, hosts can either send communication messages to the Visitor Management solution to notify awaiting visitors of delays or they can begin travelling towards reception for visitor collection. 


By creating direct communication channels between hosts and visitors, this feature can be used to reduce the time visitors spend waiting at reception, and also improves overall visitor first impressions with a user-focused, self-service check-in process. 

Some of TDS' vast integration listings can be viewed here. 

7. Dynamic and Tailored Workflows for each Visitor Type 

Each Super Enterprise engages with a diverse range of visitors and guests on a day-to-day basis. Ranging from interviewees and clients to delivery drivers and contractors, each visitor is on-site for a specific purpose.

By offering organisations the ability to create and customise workflows to suit each visitor type and instance, check-in processes can be streamlined by eliminating unnecessary data gathering, and visitor experiences can be enhanced by using self-service check-in options.

Catering to a range of Fortune 500 organisations, TDS understands some organisations enforce their policies and requirements when dealing with visitors or any non-employee on-site. For this reason, we have designed TDS Visitor with flexibility in mind. Our interactive user interface (UI) enables authorised personnel to design, create and tailor workflows to meet requirements and capture the relevant data associated with each visitor type.

Customisable workflow options include;

  • Image Capture: 
  • Government ID Scanning
  • Badge Printing
  • Digital Forms (NDA's, Terms & Conditions)
  • Videos (eg: site rules, health and safety instructions)


8. Future-Proof Security & Compliance

Not all Visitor Management providers will offer the same level of security and compliance. While some solutions may simply remove any data related to previous visitors once the necessary storage period has been reached, TDS Visitor enables organisations to anonymise visitor data, ensuring authorised personnel maintain access to key visitor trends and space utilisations reports without compromising on GDPR compliance.

Automated anonymisation and data removal can also be enabled to relieve the administrative burden associated with managing visitor data under this new legislation. 

Offering customised workflows, TDS Visitor can also be tailored to present visitors whose data you wish to use for marketing/ongoing communications with an explicit opt-in screen. 


9. Increased Adaptability & Ownership

While basic Visitor Management solutions allow for quick check-in experiences, great Visitor Management solutions offer additional complex system functionalities without compromising the User Interface (UI). Integrating brand logos and colour schemes into the front-end of a Visitor Management solution can speak volumes when assessing the brand-enhancing effects of a unique first impression for visitors. 

Additionally, as the first point-of-contact new arrivals on-site, workflows should provide simple, fast and efficient User Experiences (UX). This can be achieved by integrating multiple language options for different solution deployment locations, catering to visitors of different nationalities. 


10. End-to-End Global Support

With so many current Visitor Management providers focusing on the needs of small and medium enterprises, most Visitor Management solutions on the market currently lack the scalability required to adequately serve organisations that are global in size. 

To protect and future-proof against a Visitor Management investment, we suggest decision-makers select a solution with centralised database functions and rapid scalability capabilities. A web-based solution allows for remote system management and ensures global and regional data policies can be enforced if required. 


Learn more and see TDS Visitor in action!

If you want to learn more about TDS Visitor and see how it works for yourself, click here or the link below to book a free demo with one of our product specialists here at TDS and begin your journey.

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Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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