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    The latest version of TDS Student is here: What's new?

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    TDS are excited to announce the release of the latest version of TDS Student! In this latest version of updates and features applied to TDS Student, we have further enhanced our digital attendance monitoring solution to cater for additional methods of secure student attendance.


    Accurately Account for Student Attendance On-Campus and Online

    TDS Student is a digital attendance monitoring solution concerned with student head-counting, attendance monitoring and institutional site safety.

    TDS is constantly developing our solutions and implementing changes to our software to meet the needs of our extensive and varied client base. Vertical integration with the entire TDS Suite provides end-to-end systems including ID card production, site safety, head-counting, attendance monitoring and data capture. TDS Student allows engagement with the students, tracks their attendance and monitors involvement in campus life both in-person and online.

    As the face of the regular university and student life has changed with the Covid-19 pandemic, so have attendance monitoring and normal student engagement with the academic activity. Constantly reviewing and updating data capturing technology and academic support software is the best way to maintain regular student attendance monitoring and engagement interactions going forward, post-pandemic. 


    What Are the Key Aims of This New Upgrade?

    Maintaining secure, accurate student attendance

    The QR code self-register feature provides a secure, software-only method for students to register their attendance. Support for multiple transaction types and engagement activities adds another layer of detail for understanding a student's use of the system and engagement with teaching activities.

    Enhanced Automated Compliance

    The compliance configuration and compliance thresholds functionality has been extended allowing student cohorts to be measured by differing compliance metrics.

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    What's New in the Latest Version of TDS Student?

    Lecturer Dashboard Improvements

    A new lecturer dashboard includes QR code generation, manual attendance, and a live view of event attendance and absence notifications. Staff members assigned as the event lecturer can access the QR code.

    Student Portal Redesign

    The Student Portal has been rebuilt with a new look and QR code self-registration features, virtual ID with a QR code and engagements. 

    Student Engagement Improvements

    A new widget design, data structure and API. Engagements now have a threshold/target value, either number of engagements or the duration of the engagement. 

    Automatic Notifications Added

    The compliance configuration dashboard has been updated to include automated notifications to students based on the compliance category.

    Consistently Meeting the Needs of Student Requirements Across Every Platform

    Digital Student Attendance Monitoring has always been a solution that offers students a platform where they can monitor and assess their academic progress; empowering them to take ownership of their academic commitments by equipping them with a diverse range of smart and innovative features. 

    This now further improved level of monitoring student attendance across all platforms has been developed to enable educational institutions to meet academic, legal and contractual requirements with respect to each other's unique circumstances, while also substantially reducing the level of the administrative burden placed on internal departments that frequently engage with students. 


    Learn More About Protecting Your Students And Institution

    TDS Student's Digital Student Attendance Monitoring is dedicated to continuing to provide student attendance monitoring solutions that will present an undisputed world-class system of enhanced solutions that embraces your institute's policies and adheres to your regulations, while cost-effectively streamlining your monitoring process with ease as we move towards a post-pandemic student experience.







    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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