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The Importance of Receiving Visitor Satisfaction Insights


Visitor satisfaction for a company like TDS and our Visitor Management system is very important in today's competitive atmosphere as it provides the business with a metric that they can use to manage and improve their businesses and their capabilities. 

If feedback is managed to a good standard and is part of a wider engagement ethos, it can be a powerful force for change within your business. Feedback can fast-track the visitor entry and exit process like no other system. It is an excellent means of quickly authorising a visitor, ensuring security, and at the same time providing visitors a great experience at your office premises.

Visitor satisfaction focuses on visitors' expectations of, and satisfaction with, particular components (or all) of the range of products, services, activities, places, and infrastructures that contribute to their visitor experience. Visitor satisfaction is often measured across visitors' pre-visit expectations and their actual experiences of a visit, through their immediate responses or through gathering impressions sometime after the visit.

images-4Visitor Satisfaction and Feedback as a Key Point of Differentiation

When developing a user-centric approach to visitor management, you should always seek feedback from the visitor themselves upon check-out. Strong visitor management systems will include a visitor survey or visitor satisfaction buttons upon check-out which creates an automated workflow that triggers a follow-up email after each visit. By leveraging visitor feedback you can continually improve visitor experiences, drive loyalty and enhance internal processes.

With fully customisable workflows, a dedicated UX team and system integrations tailored to meet your unique visitor and organisational requirements, discover how TDS Visitor can support Visitor Management within your organisation.Feedback

The TDS Visitor Kiosk has the workflow functionality to capture Visitor Experience details on check-out. If the option to collect such information is logged "on" in the custom kiosk workflow settings, upon checkout, visitors will be prompted to make rate their experience on a scale of very happy to very unhappy using the animated emoticon images represented in the above screenshot of the TDS Visitor Feedback screen on the TDS Visitor Kiosks. 

TDS Introduce User-Friendly Customer Feedback Buttons

TDS Visitor has implemented Visitor Feedback buttons as part of our software workflow as the visitor checks out of the building. It is here, where the option for visitor feedback is provided so that the company can gather insights from their regular visits and can use the information to fuel and improve their visitor systems for the future.  

As part of visitor management workflows, TDS Visitor users can now provide useful feedback at the end of their visit when they check out of the building. All feedback provided by our customers will help TDS to improve their businesses capabilities and retain a focus on the customer experience. 


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Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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