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    The importance of choosing the perfect check-in kiosk for managing your visitors

    article-3All of TDS' secure solutions are designed to follow a user-centric principle with a focus on the user and their experience with the Visitor Management workflow when entering and exiting a building. Through our hardware capabilities and check-in kiosks, we aim to provide simple, and effective user experiences to your facility through a variety of innovative data capture models.

    In order to provide our visitors, contractors and VIP guests with an enhanced visitor experience, TDS provide customers with a variety of options for visitor capture models to cater to your specific facility and security requirements, depending on the nature of your business, or the size of your organisation. All of our kiosk options will assist your organisation and provide all of the requirements in serving your specific demands, enhancing your office environment, and improving your front-of-house layout. 


    Manufacturing and Delivering Unique Hardware Options

    Our ability is not only to design original solutions but also manufacture, deliver and support them is incredibly important to us, which is why we have always invested heavily in our in-house team on on-site production capabilities. Each of our hardware products is tested and quality checked, producing complete confidence that the products you receive have been crafted to the highest possible quality. Final steps of quality steps ensure products are ready to be activated on-site once they are installed.


    TDS Kiosks: Simple and Effective Check-In Process

    TDS provide simple, and efficient user experiences at all times combined with innovative, market-leading designs. Our visitor management check-in kiosks are at the forefront of these solutions. Specifically designed for the Enterprise-level business environment, TDS Visitor offers the flexibility of being able to operate on a free-standing kiosk, an iPad or Android or Android tablet. 

    TDS proudly provides customers with the option to decide and build their own custom hardware packages, in order to meet their specific security requirements, company vision and corporate values. All hardware options offer the same elegant, modern and intuitive user interface that TDS has become known for. This device flexibility ensures a digital Visitor Management solution that is suitable for and can complement all office types. 


    The Visitor Check-In Kiosk Options We Offer

    Free Standing Kiosk

    This powerful, end-to-end and self-supporting unit allows visitors, contractors and guests to check-in, capture photos, sign NDA's and print visitor badges without requiring receptionists' assistance. With QR code scanning functionality and attached printing functionality, this robust kiosk facilitates high volumes of rapid check-in processing.

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    Counter-Mounted Kiosk

    The Counter-Mounted Kiosk delivers easy-to-use, self-service visitor processing and management. With resilient and intuitive software, this touchscreen-enabled device provides visitors and guests with a solution that are optimised for high levels of visitor traffic processing.

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    iPad or Tablet

    This device provides a vital function for the modern office reception. Assisting receptionists in their day-to-day activities via Self-Register features and host notifications, receptionists can optimise performance levels by focusing on other tasks while visitors and guests engage with self-service workflows. All printing functionality for visitor passes with this model will be behind reception and will require front-of-house staff to allocate the visitor pass once the host has collected them. 


    Meet with a member of our specialized team at ISC West 2022!

    When you meet with our product specialist, you will see why TDS Visitor is an industry-leading visitor management solution, providing for the full visitor lifecycle, while delivering a single view of visitors to multiple locations across any organisation. 

    Spaces are now open for you to book a meeting with one of our dedicated product specialists. Click the link below to book a meeting at ISC West 2022, to find out more about how TDS will secure your Super Enterprise. 



    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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