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Visitor Management in a New Decade: Key Features to Expect in 2020

The turn of the decade is fast approaching, and with this comes new and exciting opportunities for growth in the Visitor Management and Access Control solutions industry. By 2023, IDC predicts over half (52%) of global GDP will be accounted for by digitally transformed enterprises. This article explores just some of the ways in which Visitor Management is set to progress in the coming year.


2020: Protecting and Securing the Future of Super Enterprises 

For global enterprises, the security of facilities, data, and people is an issue that is increasing rapidly in importance. We live in a time of emerging security needs that force us to go beyond the basics of keeping a written log or simple access management applications. Security needs can be too complex for traditional security methods now; it's time for more advanced protection. 

There are indeed many reasons why an organisation needs to integrate security into their everyday operations, from the costliness of data breaches and property destruction, to brand damage and the potential loss of life. Investing in a healthy security culture can protect the business; bottom line as well as the safety of their employees, and checking in visitors in the first line of defence.

1. A Cloud Approach is the Only Way Forward in 2020

Cloud computing is concerned with providing you with the most optimised and secure platform security across every visitor, host, and admin of your system. With a promising future ahead, cloud computing is all ready to create a new hue and bring in light new trends that will be the foundation of new inventions. 

The next generation of cloud computing will be revolutionised. Organisations may already run a majority of their workloads in the cloud, but the level of understanding about securing the cloud remains low, and security is often an afterthought with cloud deployments because traditional security measures can inhibit business agility.

In a Digital Transformation age, organisations understand the importance of making smarter, better-informed decisions and are required to do so if they wish in order to maintain pace with their industry competitors. There is now an increasing amount of reliance being placed on how data is stored, formatted and analysed. 


Security solutions need to evolve to a new paradigm of flexible, cloud-based, resilient architectures that deliver scalable security services at great speed. Increasing reliance on public cloud infrastructure increases companies' exposure to the risk of outages. This will drive organisations to look at their existing data centre and cloud deployments, and consider hybrid environments comprising both private and public clouds. 

Cloud services should be hosted and managed using AWS RDS, allowing your business to reliably maintain your data in a safe and secure way, with comprehensive protection against data loss and downtime. With our recent product upgrade, TDS Cloud is now fully implemented to all of our products and is concerned with providing you with the most optimised and secure platform security across every visitor, host, and admin of your system.

Read more about the benefits of Cloud Storage here.


2. Improved and Enhanced Reporting Insights 

Analytics is a competitive advantage for companies now and in the future. Every major tech company has already figured out that the future is in data - most specifically, the real-time processing of it. So regardless of what industry you're in, analytics will again be one of the most dominant focal points of digital transformation in 2020. 

Unlike a visitor's book, capturing visitors' data with the help of a visitor management software takes place without human intervention. This means you can get unaltered, clean, and insightful visitor data that could be useful in providing solutions to your visitor management needs. Through the increased focus of companies examining their analytics, they are then able to provide their clients with countless data reports to highlight important and insightful visitor and user trends for reporting purposes.


A real-time report that highlights which visitors are currently signed in and with which host. By configuring a report, management teams can identify how many visitors are with each host during a specific period. With real-time visual reporting capabilities, users can identify trends, increasing the opportunity if improving on-site visitor management including events, catering, facility management and parking. 


3. Feature Development and Expansive Integrations

Almost every other visitor management software in the market today comes stacked with a host of impressive features to address any type of visitor needs. However, only a select few features, generally associated with a brand, differentiate them from the rest of the competition.

Beacon Tracking

2019 saw huge leaps in the output of beacon tracking technology across many software solutions. This year, Global Market Insights estimated that the beacon technology market is set to surpass $25 billion by 2024. However, Beacon technology takes location and visitor tracking a notch above by correcting and transmitting information to smart devices making location-based searching and interaction easier and more accurate. 

Read more about Beacon Tracking here.

TDS Beacon PSD

Facial Recognition

A commonly used system at airports, for example, is facial recognition which is finding its way into many large businesses. This helps to accelerate the check-in process and improve workflows at reception desks when it comes to visitor management, this will especially be beneficial to frequent visitors or employees using an access control solution. However, this system has its limitations with regard to the data regulators.


4. An Increased Focus on User and Customer Experience

As digital transformation success is intimately tied to the user and customer experience (UX/CX), that emphasis will continue to drive business investments in digital transformation. On the one hand, this is especially true as organisations increasingly transition from building internal competencies and implementing efficiency to executing on their vision. On the other hand, improvements in connectivity (5G WiFi), compute capabailites, smart automation, and intuitive user interfaces.

Read more about how a Digital Visitor Management System improves user experience here.

5. Improving Unique and Enhanced Visitor Workflows

With specified and upgraded workflows, you can decide the flow of custom check-in options available for your facility, whether it be per circumstance, or type of person (Visitor, Contractor, VIP) checking into your facility. 

Tailoring the workflow of your visitor management system is a growingly popular solution from most organisations, ensuring that the different stakeholders of the business that are checking-in via TDS Visitor are seeing the right information following the correct flow, and signing the correct legal documents if required. 

The Future of Visitor Management - SE1 for the Super Enterprise

Product and software upgrades will become increasingly important when it comes to Visitor Management solutions. Upgrades are important to keep systems updated with new technology and new integrations that are made available. 

TDS Visitor SE1 is the next generation of our Visitor Management solution. With improved and enhanced features and functionality, this upgrade to a visitor management system aids in the continuing provision of a world-class SaaS solution, worldwide. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 12.24.08

Upgrading visitor management systems heading into the next decade not only revolutionises your reception but effectively changes how the entire organisation operates. More than just a visitor management system, with detailed reporting, custom workflows and deep integrations for your companies visitors, the cloud-based system is a complete future-focused and globally scalable solution that manages your visitors, contractors, and events from one centralised location. 

This is just the beginning of our product enhancements, with 2020 already lined up to be an innovative year for our product suite. Read more about TDS' newest product upgrade!


Step Into the Next Decade With a Digital Visitor Management System!

Learn more about all of these visitor management trends and predictions by clicking the link here or below to book a free demo with one of our visitor management product specialists. Make sure before the new decade strikes, that your company has a plan in place to protect your people, property, and assets.Schedule Demo

Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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