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The 5 W's of Visitor Management

5WsarticleWelcoming guests into your organisation efficiently and diligently is key to the success of any business. As these visitors play a key role in the progression of many businesses, it is important to fully understand how and why a strong visitor management solution is an integral feature of sustaining success in your companies field.

What is Visitor Management?

Visitor management refers to the process and workflow of welcoming, processing and monitoring the guests that enter your work site or facility. Visitor Management systems refer to how these systems perfrom the practice of monitoring guests efficiently. Classicly, written logbooks were used to account for visitors, but now more advanced software systems like TDS Visitor are more sought after as they can be integrated with numerous other features on offer additionally. 

If you consider a visitor management solution from the moment your employees, contractors and visitors enter your door, to the moment they leave your site, it is easy to see how a digital visitor management solution can strengthen security by accounting for the 5 W's of visitor and contractor activity on-site.

WHO is Visitor Management for?

TDS Visitor enables your security system and management to know who exactly is visiting on-site at any time. This identification can be completed in any way such as photo capture, ID scanning and host verification which ensures all visitors and contractors have been appropriately vetted prior to entry. Through the use of either visitor badges or mobile credentials, TDS Visitor enables any member of your team to determine whether or not a visitor is authorised to be on-site. large photo and expiry dates display on visual credentials prevent unauthorised sharing or re-use of visitor badges. 


WHEN is Visitor Management most useful?

From resource planning to visitor tracking in the event of an emergency, TDS Visitor provides real-time information on visitor check-in and check-out. With instant host notifications via SMS/email, your facility management team can monitor contractor activity at remote sites. Built-in reporting functionality enables your facilities team to improve resource planning and identifying peak periods for visitor activity.

Some of the features included in TDS' Visitor Management solution are:

  • Back Office Support
  • Open API's
  • Full Guestbook
  • Hardware (Self-service kiosks, tablet and mobile options)
  • Detailed Reporting Suite 
  • Globally Scalable 
  • Mobile Checking of guests and visitors

WHAT Exactly Does Visitor Management Do?

When it comes to greeting visitors on-site, each visitor type presents a unique security requirement. Contractors may be required to agree to the Health & Safety policy while suppliers may be required to complete an NDA. TDS Visitor enables your team to customise the check-in and check-out workflow to meet these unique security requirements. Understanding what security controls must be applied to each visitor type will ensure your organisation remains protected without compromising on the visitor experience.

VIP Holding Badge-1

Some of the main benefits of our Visitor Management solution here at TDS are: 

  • Reduced administration costs 
  • Increased porductivity 
  • Improved facility management 
  • Better time management 
  • Enhanced Visitor Experience 
  • On-site accountability 
  • Management reporting 
  • Health and safety compliance 
  • Increased security 

Knowing WHERE Your Visitors Are

Do you know where your visitors are at all times? Access control and lift integrations enable your security team to monitor last swipe activity against visitor badges and control door access within your existing access control solutions. Leveraging the power of Beacon technology, TDS Visitor enables your security team to pinpoint visitor location in real-time, triggering alerts in the event of a potential security breach. 


WHY Do Companies and Organisations Need a Visitor Management Solution?

Do you process more interviewees than sales meetings? Are contractors more likely to visit your head office than your regional sites? Understanding the drivers behind visitor activity can help your security team to identify patterns and take any necessary steps to strengthen security in response to visitor activities. 

The main reasons to embrace a visitor management solution are: Data Protection measures which are implemented in all solutions keep your visitors' information private, Health & Safety information can be easily communicated, fire registers keep your visitors safe in the event of an emergency, it improves the security of your site, creates an accurate audit trail, and it improves your image as an institution. 

More than just a visitor management system, with detailed reporting, custom workflows and deep integrations for your visitors, the cloud-based system is a complete future-focused and globally scalable solution that manages your visitors, contractors and events from one centralised location. The solution not only revolutionises your reception, but effectively changes how the entire organisation operates. 

Learn more about TDS' Visitor Management solution.

Want to see how a visitor management solution works for yourself? Click here or the link below to book a demo with one of our Visitor Management specialists and see how useful, intuituve and modern a visitor management solutions can be.Schedule Demo


Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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