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    Detailed Visitor Reporting

    Feature Detailed Visitor Reporting

    Big Data has been a primary focus point for organisations seeking to utilise data insights in visually consumable chunks. The TDS Visitor Suite provides organisations with an opportunity to utilise in-depth reporting functionalities, allowing insightful opportunities that can influence GSOC Teams when retrieving data for external reporting or general data reporting. 

    Visitor Management Reporting functionality include graphs that depict visitor data from on-site visits. With real-time visual reporting capabilities, users can identify trends, increasing the opportunity of improving on-site visitor management, including catering, facility management and parking.

    In addition to the fore-mentioned benefits, TDS Detailed Reporting allows hosts to save visitor information for future reference. This reporting functionality can be customised by each organisation to design specific requirements, ensuring each organisation can demonstrate compliance for external reporting. All reports generated with TDS can be printed or exported as a CSV file. 


    Reporting Options

    Visitor by Host: Visitor by Host is a real-time report that highlights which visitors are currently signed-in and with which host. By configuring a report, Management Teams can identify how many visitors are with each host during a specific period.


    Visitor Books: Visitor Books provide a detailed history of all visitors that have accessed a site. This report contains advanced search and filter options that can be used to enable a deep dive to find the relative information that a host requires. 

    Visit by Reason: Visit by Reason provides a breakdown of all visitors and their reason for entering the site. By creating custom workflows and generating data fields relevant to the organisation in TDS Visitor workflows, organisations can identify the most common reasons for visitors entering a site. 

    Registration Type: Registration Type provides users with information relating to the method of registration visitors used when entering their details onto the TDS Visitor system. Registration types are either via Quick Register or TDS Visitor Kiosks. This report function identifies if visitors are pre-registering (invitation) or showing up without prior notice (ad hoc).

    Pattern Reporting: Pattern Reporting provides hosts with an hourly report of visitors that are on-site inside a certain data range. This report function has been designed to enhance the capabilities of Facility Management Teams. By understanding the pattern flow of reports such as peak times and traffic lulls, Facility Managers can optimise their planning of resources, from security staffing to space utilisation.

    Head Count Reporting: This reporting feature enables managers to gain a greater understanding of visitor activities on-site; from visit dates to collection points. By providing data-rich insights for both real-time and historic visits, Management Teams can analyse visits by location and reason, providing insights into how managers can better manage visitors on-site. 

    TDS Reporting Screen

    Visitor Feedback: The TDS Visitor Kiosk has the workflow functionality to capture Visitor Experience details on checkout. If the option to collect such information is toggled "on" in the custom kiosk workflow settings, upon checkout visitors will be prompted to rate their experience on a scale of Very Happy to Very Unhappy. 

    TDS Visitor FeedbackMore Options: All TDS Visitor reports can be manipulated by the relevant and authorised user to show data/results based on: Site/Location, Zone/Building, and Collection Point or Cluster, Host and Host Type. 


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    Some other useful Visitor Management Features include; Government ID Scanning, Facial Recognition, Beacon Tracking, Multi-Lingual Capabilities, and Custom Workflows

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    Taylor McGavisk
    Taylor McGavisk
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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