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    TDS Visitor SE3: The future of visitor management is here in our latest version.

    TDS Visitor SE3 CoverThe next generation of digital visitor management has arrived. TDS Visitor SE3: Series 3 for the Super Enterprise is the latest version of our leading global visitor management solution. With brand new product features, expansive integrations and software improvements, TDS SE3 is the best and most expansive upgrade yet!

    Visitor Management is now a necessity for all organisations, big or small.

    In recent years, effectively managing, monitoring and protecting third-party guests has become a significant priority for all organisations, big or small, since the Covid-19 pandemic.  Since then, all organisations have had to rethink the secure processes they had previously put in place for all personnel entering and exiting each facility, not just their visitors.

    Companies no longer have an option when it comes to offering an efficient visitor management system that caters to everyone in an office environment. Modern visitor management has become a necessity and an essential tool for safe workplace management and ensuring the safety of all personnel on-site.

    TDS SE3 2-1

    Visitor management is evolving beyond visitors.

    Visitor management as a workplace solution used to be concerned with the simple check-in and check-out procedures of third-party guests to your facility, offering a digital and modern take on the visitor guest book. However, modern visitor management is evolving and has evolved with TDS Visitor SE3. Visitor management is now expanding its feature set and becoming much more of a centralised workplace tool, that can do much more beyond just checking in and out visitors.

    TDS Visitor has become a digital workplace catalyst, that is completely transforming how organisations operate from the entry point to exit. Meet TDS Visitor SE3...

    Introducing the third series of TDS Visitor SE3

    TDS are delighted to announce the launch of our latest upgrade, TDS Visitor SE3 (Series 3 for the Super Enterprise). Enhancing your workplaces capabilities is the highest priority with revolutionised visitor management, in our biggest upgrade yet. With TDS Visitor SE3, we have incorporated new features and functionality, integrations and interfaces, and user-focused improvements to make this our biggest and best yet.

    TDS SE3 1

    In the third series of visitor management for the Super Enterprise (TDS Visitor SE3), we have enhanced our visitor management solution to cater to the ever-changing landscape of the workplace following the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of 2020, visitor management has become a necessity more now than ever before. Every workplace that holds the responsibility of keeping their workplace safe and secure requires a solution to effectively monitor who is coming in and out of a facility with accurate, real-time and reliable information.


    Why TDS Visitor SE3 is like no other visitor management system

    Most importantly, visitor management is now offering fully contactless features and solutions, further protecting the safety of visitors and organisations with our new Parcel Management and Virtual Receptionist features.

    Our TDS Visitor SE3 solution is now fully contactless and automated for visitors coming on-site across multiple locations including contractors, VIPs, groups and also - your employees. TDS Visitor SE3 is helping to evolve and change the landscape and power of the workplace. 

    The TDS Visitor SE3 upgrade is broken up into 3 key categories; Interactive and Contactless Workplace Features, New Expansive Integrations and Interfaces, and Enhanced Features and Software Improvements: 

    Interactive and Contactless Workplace Features to Evolve your Workplace

    TDS SE3 Features

    Virtually Assist Visitors with TDS V-Receptionist

    The evolution of a virtual workplace has changed how companies operate around the world.

    With TDS V-Receptionist your facility can professionally manage and engage with all visitors and personnel. Using secure video technology, an individual receptionist from a single remote location can manage visitors from multiple locations. With the new TDS V-Receptionist, users can get assistance from the visitor self-service check-in screen and request for help including requesting assistance from a receptionist, contacting the host of their visit directly, as well as other inclusive features.

    Automate Parcel Management with TDS Parcel

    Automate your companies incoming post services with TDS Parcel.

    Your organisation can fully automate and manage the handling of daily workplace deliveries digitally through the front-of-house visitor check-in kiosk and tablets. The new Parcel Management solution powered by TDS will also aid in the implementation of social distancing by enabling a contactless parcel pick-up delivery procedure. With this feature, the scanning of parcels on delivery and on pick-up from the recipient; unnecessary physical interaction between employees, couriers, and the reception will effectively be eliminated.


    Safely Check-In Minors with TDS Minor

    The wellbeing and protection of minors checking into your workplace are essential in facilitating a safe environment for everyone.

    With TDS Minor, your organisation can securely enable the anonymous check-in of minors to your facility. The protection of minor identity and those who require to remain anonymous for security reasons are provided. This new check-in workflow also facilitates the safe check-in of "unnamed" visitors who wish to remain anonymous, not just minors. With this feature, the protection of minor identity and the identity of those who require to remain anonymous for security reasons is provided from entry to your facility until check-out.


    New Expansive Integrations and Interfaces Expanding Our Capabilities

    At TDS, we pride ourselves on having an impressive and growing list of 125+ secure integrations and interfaces that connect with our TDS Suite of solutions.

    These integrations and interfaces are continuing to grow with the arrival of the TDS SE3 upgrade, creating a more streamlined workplace experience where everything connects for your employees and visitors.

    Some of the exciting integration partners we have announced this year include Bindle, C-Cure 9000, Oosto and new integrations with Google Calendar and Google Chat. 

    TDS SE3 IntegrationsBindle X TDS Visitor Integration

    Bindle is a health verification app that was purpose-built to respect the right and personal privacy of your employees and visitors.

    C-Cure 9000 X TDS Visitor Integration

    C-Cure 9000 is one of the industry's most powerful security management tools, providing 24/7 mission-critical security and safety for people, property and assets.

    Oosto X TDS Visitor Integration

    The Oosto integration provides market-leading facial recognition technology integrated into the TDS Visitor journey for a frictionless access experience. 

    Google Calendar and Chat X TDS Visitor Integration

    With these integrations, your visitor management solution can automatically connect with all visits and contacts within the database of your organisation.


    Enhanced Features and Software Improvements

    TDS are constantly working to improve our overall system while re-enhancing the functionality of existing features and developing new and improved features. With the SE3 upgrade, the TDS Suite will have much more enhanced functionality with updates and improvements made for the overall safety of your workplace.

    These improvements include facilitating high volume and variety of visitor check-ins, a new e-Wallet option for storing Visitor QR Codes, optimised bulk configuration for admin staff, status improvements on the Guest Dashboard and Visitor quick register system. There are also significant improvements to the Visitor Web App (TDS Workplace) and TDS Kiosk enhancements including the option to enter "Anonymous" visitors who wish to remain private when entering your site with the new TDS Minor feature.

    TDS ImprovementsTDS have now implemented these upgraded features and system functionality to our existing TDS Visitor solution and will continue to make improvements as we continue to navigate through a period of time where global enterprises and their offices are returning to a "new normal" in their workplace where security requirements are constantly changing. TDS are committed to continuing to perform as the leading supplier of Digital Visitor Management.

    This is just the beginning...

    Throughout the upcoming weeks, there will be much more information to come regarding the TDS SE3 upgrade launch. TDS will be breaking down all of these new and improved system functionalities in much more detail to give users a full representation of the incredible new features and integrations included plus much more!  

    Over the remaining few weeks of 2021, we will be releasing a series of future articles with additional information regarding the TDS SE3 upgrade release, including specific insight into how some of the latest features operate, and how TDS Visitor will make your office the most optimised it has ever been.

    TDS Visitor SE3 is available now!

    TDS Visitor SE3 (Series 3 for the Super Enterprise) is here! Click the link below to discover how the latest version of Digital Visitor Management is protecting your organisation and its personnel in our biggest upgrade yet. 

    TDS SE3 Book a Demo


    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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