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    TDS Visitor SE2 Integrations: Flexible and Scalable Access Management with Kaba Exos

    Kaba-Exos-articleTDS just became more powerful and have achieved an enhanced flexible and scalable access management solution with the Kaba Exos 9300 upgraded system. This is the latest integration to be added to TDS' list of innovative and cutting edge workplace security technology as part of our exciting TDS Visitor SE2 launch.

    What is Kaba Exos Access Management?

    Kaba Exos offers a wide range of scalable and intelligent modules that can be easily adapted to meet your specific requirements and existing needs, including authorisation management, visitor management, parking management, time and attendance, and more. This solution can be used to resolve all your basic employees, system, user and peripheral management tasks and initiate targeted security measures as required. 

    This system now fits within your current IT environment and features open and standardised interfaces to easily link individual subsystems for efficient transfer of data. Kaba exos is designed for long-term use and offers total forward compatibility and future scalability. This means the system grows with you as your needs change, thus your investment is protected in the future. 


    How to Adopt Kaba Exos to Your Solution

    The Kaba Exos solution forms the basis of your company-wide access management solution and is modular and scalable allowing it to grow with your organisation, worldwide and in all major languages. Access rights can be adjusted phase-by-phase as old user groups no longer need entry and new ones take their place, e.g during building work as the project progresses over time.

    The Kaba Exos solution works with your existing badges and facilitates multi-functionality, e.g. for cashless payment, transport, banking etc. This solution provides for the management of access control, electronic locks and mechanical key systems, all in one with different media in one system including badges, mechanical keys, smart keys, and smartphones. 


    Implementing an Increased Catalogue of Integrations with TDS Visitor SE2

    At TDS, we pride ourselves on having an impressive and growing list of 125+ secure integrations and interfaces that connect with our TDS Suite of Solutions. TDS have included these deep integrations to help enhance your overall TDS solution going forward. During the current pandemic and after, most global organisations will want to utilise new technology as much as possible in order to safely comply with their regions' ongoing government guidelines.

    se2-2-1Through this latest integration with Kaba Exos, TDS can now seamlessly integrate with your existing Kaba workplace solutions. TDS' upgraded product solutions combined with Kaba Exos now means that your organisation's existing access control and visitor management are now fully integrated, which will help to provide your workplace with an enhanced and more unified solution.


    Key Benefits of the Kaba Exos Integration Solution

    Employees, visitors, contractors, your reception and gate staff, HR department, security services and many other sectors benefit from the Kaba Exos solution. This is simply due to the aim of the access solution to increase the efficiency of your organisation and your company security. Kaba Exos also integrates with video, alarm and building management systems facilitating the recording of system data and events in real-time as people enter and exit, giving you an instant picture, in case of emergencies.

    A benefit of this solution is the ability for seamless integration into your ERP and payroll systems, saving you the cost of any IT infrastructure upgrade. Also, with tenant management, your facility can enable all tenants to manage their access rights autonomously in a jointly used Kaba Exos system.  


    Returning to Work Confidently With TDS Visitor SE2

    TDS' main mission of 2020 is to help global organisations return to work safely and to prepare for a workplace post-pandemic. With TDS Visitor SE2, your visitor management system will have all new pandemic-proof features to help users return to work with confidence. This combined with the TDS Safeguard solution is providing companies around the world with a safe and secure solution etc. 


    These solutions together will provide your organisation with the confidence it needs to continue with business as usual following the strain the recent few months has had on businesses globally. 


    TDS Visitor SE2 is available now!

    Series 2 is here! Click the link below to discover how the latest version of Digital Visitor Management is protecting your organisation and its personnel in our biggest upgrade yet. 

    SE2 CTA


    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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