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    TDS VISITOR SE1: More than just Visitor Management

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    With the exciting launch of SE1: Series 1 for the Super Enterprise, a product upgrade for the Super Enterprise comes the next generation of Visitor Management! TDS are excited to showcase all of the improved and enhanced features which will continue to provide world-class SaaS solutions, worldwide. 

    What is the TDS Visitor solution?

    For those unfamiliar, TDS Visitor is a SaaS visitor management application built for the Super Enterprise. It has delivered a single view of visitors to multiple locations across your organisation, enhances the visitor experience, while also streamlining the visitor booking and sign-in process.

    TDS Visitor delivers a world-class modern visitor management experience, providing for the full visitor lifecycle. 

    The Aims of Improving Visitor Management

    A Visitor Management solution helps your business plan for and welcome visitors to your organisation in a friendly, fast, and efficient manner. TDS Visitor manages everything from the pre-booking and front desk check-in, right through to tracking visitors on site. 

    The pioneering solution includes automated sign-in, multilingual capability, facial recognition, photo capture, legal document signing and live visitor accountability. These customised visitor work-flow options can be tailored to fit your organisations' specific needs.

    At TDS, we are constantly working towards improving and enhancing our product to make sure it has the latest and greatest features, to help you streamline your digital visitor process.

    A Revolution of a Solution

    TDS Visitor SE1 is the next generation of Visitor Management with improved and enhanced features and functionality to continue providing a world-class SaaS solution, worldwide. 

    More than just a visitor management system, with detailed reporting, custom workflows and deep integrations for your visitors, the cloud-based system is a complete future-focused and globally scalable solution that manages your visitors, contractors and events from one centralised location. 

    The solution not only revolutionises your reception but effectively changes how the entire organisation operates.

    What does this upgrade mean for Visitor Management?

    This new era of visitor management for TDS is bringing with it many new exciting components that will help TDS Visitor remain a leading solution on a global scale. From new key features to expansive integrations and general product improvements, below is just a highlight of what the TDS Visitor SE1 upgrade has to offer both new and existing users of the solution.

    1. Features

    Some of the new features within this ugrade include: a new reception dashboard, an included visitor web app, a visitor booking mobile app, new integrations and API's, expanded BI reports, refreshed back-end and UI design, redefined visitor check-in kiosks, and so much more!

    2. Integrations

    There are several brand new integrations available with this upgrade. Some of the new integrations that will be available with this upgrade include Suprema biometric access control, CISCO Wi-Fi provisioning and hist notifications and Cvent event management.

    3. Improvements

    With over 100 improvements made, the launch of SE1 will bring new features, integrations and components for visitor management. The latest capture models and upgraded integrations are new and expansive, creating a new and clear framework across all products.

    Among these new and expansive integrations will be the introduction of TDS Care across all products and an expanded focus on TDS Cloud, also.

    The Future of Visitor Management 

    The product upgrade not only revolutionises your reception - but effectively changes how the entire organisation operates. With Series 1 for the Super Enterprise, your visitor management solution will present as an undisputed world-class visitor management system that embraces your security policies and adheres to health and safety legislation while cost-effectively streamlining your visitor process and enhancing the visitor experience for your organisation.

    Learn More About TDS Visitor SE1 With an Exclusive Demo

    Want to learn more about our latest SE1 product upgrade for TDS Visitor? Click the link below to organise a dedicated time with our visitor management product specialist and see if it's the right product for you.

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    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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