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    TDS STUDENT SE1: Student Attendance Re-Engaged

    Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 10.05.44With the exciting launch of SE1: Series 1 for the Super Enterprise, a product upgrade for the Super Enterprise comes the next generation of Student Attendance monitoring! TDS are very excited to showcase all of the improved and enhanced features which have upgraded our digitisation of the student solution for future-proof universities.

    What is the TDS Student monitoring solution?

    TDS Student is a solution that offers students a platform where they can monitor and assess their academic progress; empowering them to take ownership of their academic commitments by equipping them with a diverse range of smart and innovative features. 

    Why does your university need TDS Student?

    TDS Student is a digital student attendance monitoring solution for universities to track student attendance, increase engagement, and comply with legal educational requirements.

    It has been developed to enable educational institutions to meet academic, legal, and contractual requirements in respect to each other's unique circumstances, while also substantially reducing the level of the administrative burden placed on internal departments that frequently engage with students. 

    Student SE1: More than Attendance Monitoring

    TDS Student SE1 is the next generation of student attendance and engagement monitoring solution which has been designed for universities, colleges, and schools, worldwide, with full integrations available, access control, and security management systems. 

    Not only does TDS Student SE1 improve academic staff daily by providing a professional and enhanced experience it also facilitates better pastoral care for students through real-time reporting and fully tailored notifications.

    Key Features of a Revolutionised Student Monitoring Solution

    The upgrade of TDS Student SE1 will include over 30 new improvements and over 20 enhancements to its product along with over 16 new features.

    Some of these new features include: New GDPR compliance portlet, Care Plus feature, student "do not contact" list, additional compliance cohorts, attendance comparison reports, memberships and absence management, improved lecturer and event features, automatic flag update job frequency, early/late threshold and absence percentages, EWR portlet re-design, select date-range per semester, student beacon API, and so much more!

    What to Expect From Included Key Modules

    With numerous key modules included in this update, it is important to understand how they will work with your student attendance solution.

    Some of the included key modules are: Full Restful API which is available to integrate with any source; BI Views used to format and analyse the data the way you need; Mobile Application module to engage with the students; Configurable attendance compliance per student cohorts to suit policies; Customisable dashboards and user roles restrictions to build the right system for each staff member; a range of devices and technologies available to capture attendance. 

    The Future of Effective Student Attendance Monitoring

    Overall, the product upgrade to TDS Student SE1 will not only revolutionise student attendance monitoring but will prove to be the next generation upgrade towards digitising the education industry.

    With Series 1 for the Super Enterprise, your student attendance monitoring solutions will present an undisputed world-class system of enhanced solutions that embraces your institutes policies and adheres to your regulations, while cost-effectively streamlining your monitoring process.


    Learn More About TDS Student SE1 With an Exclusive Demo

    Want to learn more about our latest SE1 product upgrade for TDS Student?

    Click the link below to organise a dedicated time with our student attendance monitoring product specialist and see if its the right product for you.

    Request TDS Student Demo

    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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