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    TDS SE3: Our Latest Software Improvements to TDS Visitor

    Copy of Copy of Copy of It has brought Its challenges with how we manage our workforce, but we see very active engagement from our customers. (14)With our latest upgrade TDS Visitor SE3, TDS were looking to evolve and improve our overall system while re-enhancing the functionality of existing features by developing new and improved features. We have now implemented upgraded features and system functionality to our existing TDS Visitor solution as part of our TDS SE3 Upgrade. Read more about our latest enhanced features and software improvements:

    Visitor Management is now a necessity for all organisations, big or small.

    In recent years, effectively managing, monitoring and protecting third-party guests has become a significant priority for all organisations, big or small, since the Covid-19 pandemic.  Since then, all organisations have had to rethink the secure processes they had previously put in place for all personnel entering and exiting each facility, not just their visitors.

    Companies no longer have an option when it comes to offering an efficient visitor management system that caters to everyone in an office environment. Modern visitor management has become a necessity and an essential tool for safe workplace management and ensuring the safety of all personnel on-site.

    With the TDS SE3 Upgrade, the TDS Suite will have much more enhanced functionality with updates and improvements made to the TDS Visitor App, the quick register system, visitor dashboard and check-in kiosk. 

    TDS SE3 2-1

    TDS have now implemented these upgraded features and system functionality to our existing TDS Visitor solution. In a world where security requirements are constantly changing, TDS will continue to perform as the leading supplier for Digital Visitor Management. 


    What improvements to expect with TDS SE3

    Enhanced visitor experience with ultimate safety of your workplace

    The TDS SE3 upgrade promises to provide the safest and most secure visitor check-in experience for all personnel on-site. Implementing a secure digital solution to your office is no longer an option,  but a necessity for your organisations' safety.

    TDS Improvements-1

    Facilitate high volume of a variety of visitor check-ins

    With the upcoming Virtual Receptionist solution, your reception can fully facilitate all visitors at any time. With the addition of a mobile device E-Waller that will store visitors' QR codes for check-in, your reception can facilitate all visitors at any time.

    Status improvement on Guest Dashboard

    Includes a Live Visitor log which displays a new "Waiting" status, reducing waiting times at reception and increasing on-site transparency. 

    Improvements to Visitor Quick Register

    The TDS Quick Register is now configured to cancel "Repeat Visits" with more clarity, creating a more simplified platform. When cancelling a "Repeat" visit, the confirmation window is now updated for more clarity. 

    Improvement breakdown

    Visitor WebApp improvements

    A new TDS Workplace is the most up-to-date version of our application, providing an easy way to schedule visits within the TDS solution. The TDS Workplace application ensures hosts can book guests from anywhere.

    Further TDS kiosk enhancements

    TDS Visitor kiosks now include a "pre-booked only" option, denying access to non-invited visitors. Private visitors can now also remain anonymous at check-in with our TDS Minor feature. 

    TDS have now implemented these upgraded features and system functionality to our existing TDS Visitor solution and will continue to make improvements as we continue to navigate through a period of time where global enterprises and their offices are returning to a "new normal" in their workplace where security requirements are constantly changing. 


    Why TDS Visitor SE3 is like no other visitor management system

    Most importantly, visitor management is now offering fully contactless features and solutions, further protecting the safety of visitors and organisations with our new Parcel Management and Virtual Receptionist features.

    Our TDS Visitor SE3 solution is now fully contactless and automated for visitors coming on-site across multiple locations including contractors, VIPs, groups and also - your employees. TDS Visitor SE3 is helping to evolve and change the landscape and power of the workplace. 



    This is just the beginning...

    Throughout the upcoming weeks, there will be much more information to come regarding the TDS SE3 upgrade launch. TDS will be breaking down all of these new and improved system functionalities in much more detail to give users a full representation of the incredible new features and integrations included plus much more!  

    Over the remaining few weeks of 2021, we will be releasing a series of future articles with additional information regarding the TDS SE3 upgrade release, including specific insight into how some of the latest features operate, and how TDS Visitor will make your office the most optimised it has ever been.

    TDS Visitor SE3 is available now!

    TDS Visitor SE3 (Series 3 for the Super Enterprise) is here! Click the link below to discover how the latest version of Digital Visitor Management is protecting your organisation and its personnel in our biggest upgrade yet. 

    TDS SE3 Book a Demo







    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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