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    TDS Appear in Facility Executive Magazine to Discuss Onsite Accountability Technology

    TDS are excited to announce our feature in the U.S publication, Facility Executive Magazine.

     In this issue of Facility Executive Magazine, TDS' CEO, Frank Hart discusses how organisations are redeveloping more proactive, accurate and intuitive solutions to ensure their emergency situation responses are as intelligent and successful as possible. 

    Facility Executive is a one-stop source for information on delivering quality design, operation and maintenance of facilities. Through its print magazine, website, and content aimed at facility decision-makers Facility Executive addresses the clients demands and interests of facility management professionals in various industry sectors. 


    Building a System for On-Site Accountability

    This publication focuses on the growing requirement for digitized emergency evacuation solutions in today's forward-thinking organisations. In the emerging, post-pandemic world, organizations are redeveloping more proactive, accurate, and intuitive solutions to ensure their emergency situation responses are as intelligent and successful as possible.

    TDS' CEO, Frank Hart has discussed in this article how the world's leading-edge digitised solutions for emergency evacuation deliver a range of interrelated key features to optimize rescue planning, increase workplace security and offer an organisation with full visibility in the event of an emergency.



    Enhance Your Workplace in 2021 With a Digital Visitor Management System!

    TDS' main mission of 2021 is to assist global organisations' return to work safely and prepare for a workplace post-pandemic. With TDS Visitor SE2, your visitor management system will have all new pandemic-proof features to help users return to work with confidence. This combined with the TDS Safeguard solution is providing companies around the world with a safe and secure solution etc. 

    Learn more about all of these visitor management trends and predictions by clicking the link here below to book a free demo with one of our visitor management product specialists.Schedule Demo

    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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