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TDS Announce Milestone Platinum Partnership

TDS-x-Milestone-Solutions-Partnership-3TDS are excited to announce that we are now a Platinum Partner of Milestone Systems, an industry leader in the designing and development of IP-based Video Management solutions.


About Milestone

Founded in 1998, Milestone have over 20 years experience in utilising video management solutions to keep people, premises and assets safe, monitor endangered species and protect environments. Since Milestone's founding, they have installed over 150,000 solution integrations and have expanded their global presence to over 27 international locations.


What is a Milestone Platinum Partner?

There are four levels of Milestone authorised partners, or resellers. These levels range from Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond with each indicating a certain level of experience and expertise the resellers has with Milestone products.

As a Platinum Partner, TDS "have received the highest level of training and certification in working with Milestone products and are able to offer the full range of Milestone’s product portfolio. They have the experience and skills to handle all projects, regardless of complexity."


What does this Partnership Mean?

With our experience in designing and developing open-platform enterprise security solutions, this partnership provides TDS with unlimited integration opportunities to Milestone solutions along with endless other IP-based video management possibilities.


More About Partnerships

Entering into carefully selected partnerships with industry leaders has enabled TDS to expand our strategic capabilities. We have sourced partners that provide us with the means to enhance project delivery and implementation. To discover more about our strategic partners, click here.

TDS Partners

Taylor McGavisk
Taylor McGavisk
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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