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TDS ACCESS SE1: The Latest Access Control System

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 16.39.37Following on from the exciting launch of TDS SE1: Series 1 for the Super Enterprise, a product upgrade for the Super Enterprise comes the next generation of Access Control Solutions. TDS are excited all of the improved and enhanced features which will continue to provide world-class SaaS solutions, worldwide.

What is the TDS Access solution?

TDS Access was originally developed to create a secure working environment for your organisations people, property, and assets. The main aim of this Access Control solution was to protect your businesses people, property, and assets with a custom-built enterprise management solution with TDS. 

An industry-specific solution, TDS Access has been able to cater to your unique and specific requirements. By working closely with customers, a secure access solution specific to your business can be tailored to meet your Super Enterprises exact needs.

The Aims of our Access Control Solution

Our future-proofed Access Control Management System offers one of the most comprehensive, powerful, and scalable security solutions available.

TDS Access is built on an open platform design which integrates with third-party technologies to allow for rapid and cost-efficient deployment. The TDS open-architecture model makes it possible for end-user organisations to provide a streamlined path to move from proprietary or obsolete systems to an open, flexible, and interoperable platform for systematic Access Control.

The Revolution of our Access Control Solution

TDS Access SE1 is the next generation of Access Control, with improved and enhanced features and functionality to continue providing a world-class SaaS solution, now worldwide. 

With feature updates, deep integrations, and new strategic partnerships, TDS Access SE1 is a world-class SaaS enterprise management software solution which provides continually undefeated armour to your organisation. 

New Global Partnership Highlight - Mercury Security 

As part of our commitment to providing adaptable hardware and open architecture solutions, we have now partnered with Mercury Security to incorporate their extensive range of intelligent controller with TDS Access SE1.

Mercury's industry-leading open Access Control platform and TDS' enterprise management solutions will benefit facilities around the globe with more seamless integrations of intelligent controllers, readers, and credentials as well as from our shared vision for an open, flexible approach to the Access Control ecosystem.

Key Features of the TDS Access SE1 Upgrade

The TDS Access SE1 upgrade means over 42 improvements and 2 new partnerships along with over 14 key features added to the overall product capability. Some of these improvements include: 3-factor authentication features, passive/mobile badge features, full GDPR and legal compliance, new and improved dashboards, new integrations and API's, expanded BI reports, refreshed access capture models, and so much more!

Securing Your Enterprises Access Control with the SE1 Upgrade

TDS Access is the first global access control solution that provides integrating with your operational security systems and provides real-time accountability of third party guests while creating a secure and comfortable working environment for your people.

With the SE1 product upgrade, there have been improvements made to all access control modules to aid in providing world-class access control. Along with this, there is the addition of Emergency Life Safety Modules with a digitised evacuation zone and Beacon Tracking Modules for personnel management and tracking. 

With this update there are new and improved data capture modules to our hardware, API's and Integrations add-on's for expanding the products improved features and there is cloud migration for data control which aids in improving overall data security and safety within the cloud.

A Future-Proofed System Upgrade

The improved future-proofed Access Control Management System can be fully integrated into already existing security solutions including add-on systems post-installation and within our upgrade. These improved integrations and upgrades within SE1 strengthen your Super Enterprises defences and secure your organisations position in the future. 

Want to learn more about guaranteeing your company reaps the benefits listed here? Click the link below to organise a dedicated time with our Access Control product specialist and see if it's the right product for you.Schedule Demo (Access)

Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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