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COVID-19: Implementing Real-Time Thermal Body Technology To Your Reception With TDS Solutions

TDS have now implemented Thermal Body Temperature scanners as part of efficient, visible and real-time protection against COVID-19. Applied alongside our existing TDS solutions to our Visitor kiosks and handheld devices, these thermal cameras will detect whether a person is experiencing a fever by taking a precise sample of the person's face.


Covid-19: Utilising TDS Visitor Custom Alerts Effectively Against a Pandemic

With the continuing concern of the spread of Covid-19, TDS Visitor has now provided new functionalities in order to support organisations throughout this pandemic. With the face of Covid-19 changing daily, necessary response functionality must be applied to deal with the rapid growth of the virus.


Helpful Guide: What to Consider When You and Your Employees Travel During Covid-19

With the current surge in global numbers of people affected by the coronavirus, extreme measures have been recommended by most health organisations and governing bodies worldwide to help prevent further spread of the virus. We are aware that while many organisations have transitioned to a remote working and social distancing model, some businesses and office environments may still require some of their employees to travel in and out from their working country as part of the continuity of their business.   Recommendations Before Travelling Outside of Your Organisations' Country


TDS Visitor Wins Secure Campus Visitor Management Award 2020 Ahead of ISC West

TDS are delighted to announce that we have won this year's Secure Campus Award in the Visitor Management category! This is the first time TDS has won a Secure Campus Award who pride themselves in honouring outstanding achievements of security industry manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve campus security. 


Lifesafety Care: Flexible Service Offerings for your Digital Evacuation System

With Lifesafety Care, we offer tiers of services and maintenance in order to provide you with the perfect care package most catered to you and your requirements from standard, plus and premium options.


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