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Visitor books banned from public sites over GDPR concerns

The Office of Public Works (OPW) have today issued an order to ban Visitor Books at historical sites across the country due to fears about violating data protection laws.


Predicting the Biggest Changes to Visitor Management in 2019

2018 brought some highly innovative solutions and functions to the Enterprise Security industry, but what changes in the Visitor Management industry do we expect to see for 2019? In this article, we discuss the innovative advancements digital Visitor Management solutions could embrace in the coming year.


How to manage VIPs with a Visitor Management solution

There is a certain standard of care expected of organisations when visitors arrive on-site. Visitors should feel welcomed and experience a level of comfort, this is often the case with organisations that prioritise the user experience. With important guests or VIP's however, there is an expectation that staff raise their performance levels to ensure the VIP interacts with a positively seamless experience. Today, TDS share how to manage VIPs with a modern Visitor Management solution.


TDS now integrates with Milestone XProtect Access

TDS is delighted to announce that we now integration with Milestone Systems, the global leader in IP video management software and surveillance solutions.


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