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Track Guests in Real-Time Throughout Your Facility

Compatible with iBeacon, Eddystone, and Bluetooth standards, TDS Beacon provides a revolutionary approach to tracking on-site employees and visitors by offering Real-Time Locational Service (RTLS) information on uniquely assigned badges.


Understanding Software Upgrades and Product Evolution with TDS SE1

A software upgrade refers to a major upgrade to the software that adds a significant or completely new change to the program you are using. With TDS SE1, this upgrade presents a clear path to the next generation of product evolution for TDS across our range of diverse products and industries.


Visitor Consumables: Enhancing the Visitor Experience with Unique Badges

Freedom of movement can have a strong impact on the overall visitor experience. However, balancing visitor experience with overall site security can prove to be a difficult aspect for any company to master. To help you tackle this problem, TDS Visitor badges helps you identify the visitors of your company daily and recognise unauthorised individuals in your building, simply and effectively.


The 5 Key Benefits of Cloud Storage with TDS CLOUD

With the recent upgrade of TDS SE1 there have been a number of new and exciting components coming to the TDS suite. Within this upgrade, TDS Cloud is now fully implemented to all of our products and is concerned with providing you with the most optimised and secure platform security across every visitor, host, and admin of your system. 


TDS Set to Exhibit at International Security Expo 2019

TDS is excited to be exhibiting at this year's International Security Expo 2019. This event will take place at Olympia London on the 3rd - 4th December, where we are exhibiting our TDS Access and TDS Visitor workplace solutions.


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