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TDS secure another win at this year's ISIA Awards!

The ISIA awards is always a superb event that provides a great platform of competition and recognition for the amazing work done within the Irish security industry. A massive congratulations are in order for TDS' Niall Farrell who has deservedly won the Electronic Security Supervisor of the year at this years ISIA Awards!


It's Time to Rethink Your Reception and It's Function in your Office

Covid-19 has changed the way businesses operate. We must now rethink the function of our reception and how it can protect our people, through innovative visitor management. A good Visitor Management System takes into account the experience and lifecycle of the visitor within a facility. This solution must be viewed with the perspective of accounting for the visitor as a welcomed guest to the premises, in both a general sense and in the event of an emergency. 


How Organisations Can Operate a Successful and Safe Return to Work Strategy for Staff

Perhaps the most important change when fully reopening offices and global organisations is the implementation of measures for hygiene and health screening upon arrival in order to fully safeguard the office. As offices and organisations prepare to resume on-site work, they need to be fully equipped with as many measures as possible to safeguard their employees going forward.


Book an Online Virtual Demo with TDS at Future Office's First Virtual Summer Event this August 4-5th

TDS are now actively preparing for the first-ever Future Offices 2020 Summer Online event this August 4th and 5th where our product specialists will be showcasing our innovative solutions for mitigating risk as we return to work post-pandemic.


8 Key Solutions to Protect Your Workplace as you #ReturnToWork

With the #ReturnToWork commencing globally in many companies, workplaces must now implement numerous new and upgraded solutions to maintain the safety of their employees, post-pandemic.


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