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Sunday Independent 04/09/2020: TDS Feature Return to Workplace Strategy and Plans for Future

SundayIndependentTDSLast week, TDS spoke with Sean Pollock of The Sunday Independent to discuss how TDS have pivoted their solutions to cater to the new requirements of workplaces all around the world, and future plans for the company following major new client deals.

TDS Managing Director Discusses New Workplace Requirements

TDS Managing Director Frank Hart and Chief Technical Officer Stephen Bishop spoke with The Sunday Independent to discuss TDS' plans and solutions as a global security solutions company, assisting multinational companies to navigate their daily business operations during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Managing Director, Frank Hart describes how TDS utilised Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology to help boost the development of the companies upgraded COVID Compliance features and to facilitate customers' return to work. TDS' updated products include a contactless visitor check-in, customised visitor alerts and headcount social distancing systems.

Building Relationships To Last 

Regarding the close relationship TDS has with its customers and navigating their solutions through the pandemic, TDS' founder continued that,

"it has brought it's challenges with how we manage our workforce, but we see very active engagement from our customers". 

Helping Organisations Return to Work Safely with TDS Safeguard

With the introduction to TDS Safeguard earlier in the year, TDS is ensuring the protection and safety of your colleagues, contractors and visitors coming into your facility. Implementing TDS Safeguard will provide you with the appropriate features to prevent against a pandemic, and manage occupancy effectively.

By conducting pre-screening of all personnel, enforcing a contactless welcome process, and implementing zone occupancy limits and much more, your workplace efficiently prepared as a post-pandemic enhanced environment. Our mission at TDS is to ensure that companies can smoothly operate within the scope of the “new normal”.

To read the full article, visit the The Sunday Independent online article here.


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Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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