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Student Attendance Monitoring Impresses at HESCA 2019

Student Attendance Monitoring Impresses at HESCAThis year's HESCA (The Higher Education Smart Campus Association) event brought together representatives from some of the UK and Ireland's leading educational institutions. Among the exhibitors was our very own TDS Student solution, an effective tool for increasing student attendance levels and improving engagement rates. 

What is HESCA

Aiming to provide Higher Education institutions with a platform for discussing the development and introduction of smart technology solutions to future-focused campuses, HESCA provides exhibitors with an opportunity to discuss everything from; standards, software, hardware, integrations and future developments. HESCA creates an platform to explore these digitally-powered solutions, improving the audiences understanding. 


What did TDS exhibit at HESCA?

At HESCA, TDS showcased TDS Student, our fully-automated, SaaS-based Student Success solution that has been designed to improve the visibility of vital engagement points throughout each student's academic journey, providing educational institutes with the tools required to increase student visibility and student engagement rates. 


Automated Student Attendance Monitoring and Reporting

At this year's event, TDS were presented with the opportunity to share the stage and discuss the importance of smart student attendance monitoring and reporting. The keynote speech touched on a range of topics including; key functionalities, requirements, influenced stakeholders, integration capabilities and more.

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Taylor McGavisk
Taylor McGavisk
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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