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Simplify Your Visitor Process with Automated Email Notifications

Email-InviteInvitation emails hold significant importance in the world of business and technology. When invitation emails are used strategically, they can be vital tools in building a solid foundation and outreach effort, especially within visitor management solutions like TDS Visitor. When fully integrated into your visitor management system, they can help get your business meetings or staff events off to the right start. 

Why are email invitations still important?

Email invitations help to set the overall tone of an upcoming meeting or event within or outside your workspace. It may be argued that these email invitations are sent out with more organised execution to incoming guests to your facility and received clearer. This allows optimum time and resources for the person to prepare for the inevitable face-to-face encounter with you and your business. 

This, in turn, means that due to the importance and frequency of these face-to-face meetings every day, the importance of clarity and organisation between both parties is of utmost importance for overall workflow. Within the TDS Visitor workflow, invitations are sent to visitors via email. 

TDS Visitor's Tailored Email Invitations

Take the stress out of meetings for your visitors with tailored invitations from TDS Visitor. Ensure your visitors feel confident about finding your business with the inclusion of maps or directions as part of our "Geo-Location check-in". Make accommodation booking a breeze with links to popular booking sites or simply provide locational insights and updates to make your guest feel like a VIP.

Plus, with integrations to third-party qualifications such as Docusign and LinkedIn, your guests can complete the required documentation and provide essential information before arrival. Along with improving user's experience in the invitation process, these integrations included also assists Outlook with the management of meetings and events. 

When personalised touches can be integrated into an email invitation, you can start on the right foot with your clients and your business goals by presenting a professional front.

Some of these helpful touches come in many forms with corporate account integrations:

  • The best transportation options from your location to theirs
  • document attachments
  • contact info
  • other information can be forwarded

Displaying Visitor Invitation Responses with TDS Visitor 

The TDS Visitor database is capable of displaying guests who have responded to invitations and can also notify guests who are yet to respond. Once an invitation is sent, the TDS add-in manages the invitation process inside Outlook so that guests receive a single email and are only set up in the visitor system once they accept the invitation. 

A meeting invite can be displayed like the example below. Additional data can also be added to this invitation. Depending on the guest type and workflow, a guest may use their information to view further meeting invitation details in their browser and upload any required details before their arrival e.g Photo ID, LinkedIn profile integration or Government ID. 

Invitation Details and the Pre-Arrival Guest Submissions

Depending on the guest type, the invitation sent to a host can contain secure links for guests to access more details about their meetings/events. If the host permits, guests can submit data before their arrival e.g., their phone can be downloaded from LinkedIn once they log-in through the secure link. Guests that submit their photo before their arrival can bypass the need for a photo being taken once they arrive on site.

Office 365 Integration for TDS Visitor

As part of the continued product development of TDS, we have successfully enhanced our TDS Visitor x Office 365 integration. This development enables hosts to add visitors to the host Visitor platform and also helps to manage visitor invitations and arrival workflows as part of the TDS Outlook Add-In on Outlook.

Utilising Office 365 x TDS Visitor Integration

As part of the TDS x Office integration, TDS have introduced three new criteria areas to ensure our clients are fully empowered with their visitor log.

Guest Type: Labelled as [a] in the screenshot above, this field determines the workflow channel a visitor will experience during their invitation and check-in process when on-site. In the above example, a VIP guest may be subject to a less stringent check-in depending on the hosts desires. 

Location: Labelled as [b] in the above screenshot, this field confirms the location where the hist and visitor will meet. The host responsible for sending the invitation os only granted permission to invite guests to locations they have access to. Once a visitor accepts the invitation, the TDS Visitor system in the selected location will be notified of the confirmation and will create meeting details for reception and security teams to view. 

Visit Reason: Labelled as [c] in the above screenshot, the visit reason is used by TDS Visitor to further determine the workflow to be used and also to analyse visit data once the event has passed. 

Learn More...

To learn more about TDS Visitor features and integrations, click here or the link below to avail of a product demo with one of our product specialists here at TDS.Schedule Demo

Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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