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Series 1 Product Upgrade: SE1 IS LIVE!

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TDS are very excited to announce the launch of our latest product upgrade TDS SE1:Series 1 For the Super Enterprise! This upgrade presents a clear path to the next generation of product evolution for TDS across our range of diverse products and industries. 


What is the TDS SE1 upgrade?

TDS SE1 is a revolution of a product, and a rebrand of an upgrade which represents a refined revolution upgrade for all TDS products. The SE1 product upgrade makes TDS the first choice in integrated security solutions for Super Enterprises around the world. Our products have evolved and grown from our previous versions, and expanded into the latest and greatest solution.


Our branded cupcakes which brought excitement to our team for today's offical launch of TDS SE1!


What will the SE1 upgrade include?

There are many new and exciting components coming to TDS with the introduction of our latest product upgrade SE1. The launch, which is live as of today, will provide prospective to existing customers with a refreshed product, filled with new features, integrations, and improvements across our access control, visitor management and student attendance monitoring solutions. 

The beginning of SE1 will launch 3 brand new upgrades for TDS Visitor, TDS Access and TDS Student. The evolution of these products will be instrumental in allowing them to continue being a leading provider of security solutions, while also providing an unrivalled defence in providing armour for your super enterprise.


Article SE1 - 2-1

TDS Visitor SE1: Visitor Management Revisited

TDS Visitor SE1 is the next generation of visitor management, with improved and enhanced features and functionality to continue providing a world-class SaaS solution, worldwide. More than just a visitor management system, with detailed reporting, custom workflows and deep integrations for your visitors the cloud-based system is a complete future-focused and globally scalable solution. This solution manages your visitors, contractors and events from a centralised location. The solution not only revolutionises your reception, but also effectively changes how the entire organisation operates. 

TDS Access SE1: The Latest Access Control

TDS Access SE1 is the next generation of access control, with improved and enhanced featues and functionality to continue providing a world-class SaaS solution, now worldwide.

More than just an access control system, with feature updates, deep integrations and new strategic partnerships, TDS Access is a world-class SaaS enterprise management software solution to provide continually undefeated armour to your organisation.

TDS Student SE1: The Next Step in Student Attendance

Beyond monitoring students' involvement in campus life, TDS Student SE1 helps adminstrations to improve student experience and also allows academic staff to guide and support students throughout their curriculum.

Not only does TDS Student SE1 improve academic staff's daily work by providing a professional and enhanced experience, it also facilitates better pastoral care for students through realtime reporting and fully tailored notifications.












More Exciting Features of SE1...

Along with the latest introduction of new features, improved UI and improvements to the product ranges softwate, the TDS SE1 upgrade is also introducing an enhanced focus on a number of significant components throughout our products like TDS Connect (Integrations), TDS Cloud (Data Management), TDS Charts (BI and Reporting) and TDS Care (24-7 Tiered Support)

TDS Care, for example, is a new standard introduced to TDS clients designed to provide the best possible support service. With the SE1 upgrade, we now have the tiered options of care applied to all of our products along with 24/7 support.


Article SE1


The Roll-Out of the SE1 Upgrade

Today, TDS held an internal official launch of our new SE1 upgrade, with a crowded presentation filled with our dedicatied team, to branded cupcakes and new marketing materieals to celebrate the launch.

Throughout the month of  September, there will be so much more information to come in regards to the SE1 upgrade. Over the next few weeks, TDS will be releasing new updates and information on all of the exciting components that make up our TDS SE1 Upgrade. Keep a look out on all of our future articles for more information regarding the SE1 release.




In the meantime,  if you're interested in scheduling a quick online demo to see if our products and the latest upgrade would be of benefit to you and your organisation, schedule a demo below or by clicking here.

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Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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