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Providing Flexible Service Offerings with TDS Visitor Care

With Visitor Care, we offer tiers of service and maintenance to provide you with the perfect care package most catered to you and your requirements from standard, plus and premium options.

Our Care Packages Designed to Provide the Best Product Service

Care Package 1: Standard

Our Standard Service & Maintenance offering, for secure and robust security solutions across your business. The perfect option for security and facility managers of low and mid-risk working environments.

Care Package 2: Plus

Our Plus Service & Maintenance offering, for a stress-free security solution operation and full safety and regulation compliance. The perfect option for Security and Facilities Teams, who run large enterprises or multi-locations security roll-outs who require clear and precise real-time overviews of equipment and solutions status, at all times.

Care Package 3: Premium

Our Premium Service & Maintenance offering, for customers exposed to high security or business risks, require vigorous access control and visitor management solutions to allow for uninterrupted people flow and full protection for their people, properties, infrastructure 24/7 - 365 - public holidays included. The perfect option for Head of Security, Facilities & their teams at locations with bespoke and complex security roll ours such as Airports and Government buildings. 


Our 24/7 Visitor Care Support system is live!

Reap all of the benefits that the TDS Care support system can offer when your company utilises our newly available 24/7 support. Here at TDS, our engineers and product specialists know everything about your system and how it should work. With Visitor Care Package 3 you can simply log a ticket via our online system. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our professional support agents via our direct Customer Care Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If for any reason our support agents are unable to resolve any issue, we will dispatch a technician to your building and work with your issue in person until it resolved. 

Hardware and Software Preventative Maintenance 

When the working ability of your hardware is overlooked, this can lead to potential issues in the future. TDS preventative maintenance is designed for a quick and simple fix of any issues by one of our trained engineers before they become a bigger issue to your system. Within our plans, we ensure that all components of and solutions are serviced at the right time - no matter the issue! 

With software, overcapacity solutions can become a long term issue, if they are not monitored accordingly and regularly. We actively maintain your solution and other relevant factors to software preventative maintenance. 


Always Feel Secure With Our Dedicated Service Team

At TDS our service team holds a single point of accountability for the most complex and high-risk security environments. When your visitor management system is a fundamental aspect to the daily operation of your business operations and the care, safety, and security of your employees. We will be able to provide an in-house who are capable of maintaining every day and will react immediately to system failure, allowing your internal resources to keep their focus on business initiatives. 

Learn More about TDS Visitor Care's Flexible Service Offerings

If you want to learn more about TDS Visitor Care's component, read more here.

If you would like to see how works TDS Visitor as an industry-leading visitor management solution, providing for the full visitor lifecylce whilst delivering a single view of visitors to multiple locations across an organisation, click the link below to receive a free demo. 

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Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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