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    FREE Ebook: How Organisations Need to Prepare for a Workplace Post-Pandemic


    EbookTDS are working at the forefront to support global organisations' return to work with confidence. Our goal is to assist with an action plan to protect against the pandemic and effectively set best practices when reopening to protect your people, property and assets. 

    How TDS Safeguard Will Help Your Organisation Return to Work With Confidence

    Initially offered to businesses as the TDS Pandemic and Occupancy Product Packages, TDS Safeguard is a fully combined product which will offer your company all of the additional features and product integrations offered previously in a catered and effective solution. 

    With TDS Safeguard, we have now enhanced the workflow capabilities of our TDS Visitor solution to provide global organisations with a contactless check-in procedure for back-to-work best practices.

    Enhanced Features Included in TDS Safeguard!

    The following enhanced features of TDS Safeguard will be discussed in more detail in the TDS Safeguard eBook:

    • Contactless Check-Ins for All Personnel
    • Custom Alert Notifications
    • Pre-Screening All Personnel 
    • Capacity Management for Effective Social Distancing
    • Sanitisation Station for Occupancy Control
    • Helpful Guide to Kiosk and Biometric Reader Hygiene

    Download the FREE TDS Safeguard eBook now!

    TDS Safeguard will provide your organisations with the tools and confidence it needs to continue with business as usual following the strain the recent few months has had on businesses, globally.

    Click the link below to download our FREE TDS Safeguard eBook today!




    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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