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Predicting the Biggest Changes to Visitor Management in 2019


2018 brought some highly innovative solutions and functions to the Enterprise Security industry, but what changes in the Visitor Management industry do we expect to see for 2019? In this article, we discuss the innovative advancements digital Visitor Management solutions could embrace in the coming year.


Facial Recognition

If 2018 proved anything to us, it's that Facial Recognition confirmed it really is a highly effective and productive source of verification. With its unobtrusive yet detailed scanning functionalities, integrating facial recognition will become less of a point of deliberation and more of a necessity for organisations that wish to capture and verify data that can't be analysed by the naked eye.  Facial recognition is already a popular function in the world of Visitor Management, however, 2019 will see solution providers focus on improving accuracy and the rate of visitor processing.  

Facial Recognition Benefits

  • Quick and Convenient Processing
  • Accurate User Identification
  • Improved User Verification
  • GDPR Compliant Process
  • Highly Scalable 


Beacon Tracking

Through simple Access Control integrations, many digital Visitor Management solutions have improved their whole site visibility by facilitating the tracking of guests and visitors across sites. To further improve this visibility, there has been a steady rise in the use of beacons on-site. By integrating beacon transmitters with ID badges and then deploying beacon receivers on-site, authorised staff can identify which gateway an ID badge is closest to, with proximity readings of 2 meters to the closest beacon.

As solutions become more and more integrated, Enterprise Security ecosystems can really benefit from the introduction of beacon technology on-site with improved on-site visibility and enhanced security just two of the many benefits associated with the solution.

Beacon Tracking Benefits

  • Accurate Locational Reporting
  • Automated Process
  • Improves On-Site Security
  • Highly Scalable
  • GDPR Compliance 


Event Management

When hosting conferences, events or any other function, staff can easily feel overwhelmed with the number of guests that require security and GDPR-compliant check-in processing. Luckily, when Visitor Management solutions are integrated with Event Functionality add-ons, solutions can be adapted to provide visitors with the ability to scan the QR code on their ID badge to gain access authorisation to select doors and turnstiles.

To date, some of the largest Super Enterprise organisations in the world have used TDS to integrate Visitor Management and Event Functionality, allowing visitors the access authority required to roam freely and securely around different zones inside the facility until the ID badge has checked-out or expires.


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Visitor Management for the Super Enterprise

Taylor McGavisk
Taylor McGavisk
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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