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Maintaining Workplace Safety Through Effective Visitor Management

Maintaining-Workplace-SafetyDue to the events of recent months which has caused significant strain to global organisations and businesses, improving in-house security solutions is now a must for all businesses who are looking to safely get back on their feet and #ReturnToWork securely. 

The Changing Face of Business Operations Post-Pandemic

Many organisations and businesses are expected to anticipate a strong financial impact due to the longevity of the restrictions that come with a global pandemic. Along with that, a large number of businesses anticipate a significant change in their companies general operation.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses will need to consider upgrading or completely remodelling their reception area and entry workflow in order to easily adhere to safety guidelines going forward, post-pandemic. Implementing improved security and visitor management solutions is the best, most effective way that businesses can take control of the future safety and stability of their organisation after what has been a turbulent year so far for most businesses, worldwide. 


Here are some of the main features included in TDS' Visitor Management solution which will protect and future-proof your organisation before personnel enter your organisation:


Pre-Registering all Personnel

When Visitors can be pre-registered via a secure mobile or web portals prior to their on-site arrival, this ensures that social distancing measures can be improved via this automated and secure service. This will help organisations keep track of who they can allow time-allocated entry to the organisation and when.

Quick Register 1 of 3When visitors can pre-register this cuts out any unnecessary interactions such as WiFi codes and site map distributions, effectively helping staff to not only improve their own productivity and efficiency levels but also limit their social interactions which are very important going forward. Pre-registering all personnel, therefore, maximises on-site transparency and guest visibility while also being the best starting to point in limiting physical and social interactions adding to the protection of your business and the people in it. 


Risk Profiling Visitors Prior to Arrival

To ensure a full risk assessment before permitted entry to any facility, risk profiling with screening questions is the strongest way to prevent further spread of Covid-19 as we return to the workplace.

Before entering a facility, each expected visitor will be issued a series of questions alongside their visitor invitation relating to their health, travel, and recent contacts over the previous 14 days.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 16.40.57

If any answers indicate recent exposure to the virus or possible symptoms is presented in answering the relevant questions, this will result in an immediate alert notification to relevant facility personnel. This will then result in entry to the facility not being granted. 


Managing Group Check-Ins with Ease

With traditional paper-based visitor management methods, group check-ins for events and conferences can require a lot of personnel resources along with time to facilitate a secure and accurate check-in process. Going forward, many companies may have more stringent restrictions regarding the number of people permitted to entering their organisation at once. 

Now, having the option to strategically coordinate any group check-in deemed safe by the business can be done efficiently and without much disruption to staff who would traditionally need to keep physical counts of groups. 


During this pandemic, ease of use of all services within any organisation is appreciated by all involved. With the introduction of a Digital Visitor Management solution, this tricky obstacle can be effectively facilitated by encouraging all guests to pre-register prior to the arrival on-site within their assumed group, allowing the final steps of the check-in process to be streamlined once the guest arrives on-site.


A Shift Towards Contactless Procedures

With the recent disruption to daily life from the Covid-19 pandemic, TDS has enhanced the workflow capabilities of our TDS Visitor solution to provide global organisations with a contactless check-in procedure for back-to-work practices, preparing for a workplace post-pandemicScreen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.52.41

As we now know, limiting human contact is one sure way to slow down the spread of Covid-19. Creating a contactless experience across all industries is the way forward.




How Contactless Check-in Will Work for TDS Visitor

At TDS, we have enhanced our multiple TDS Visitor workflows to provide global organisations with a revised and effective workflow for our visitor management solution, whether the visitor is pre-registered and issued an invitation or a walk-in visit to your facility. By doing this, we are ensuring that the check-in process remains a contactless one.

Click here to visit our Back to Work Action Support Plan resource hub!

In order to minimise risk and limit touching surfaces, our fully contactless check-in process combines the standard TDS Kiosk, a mobile check-in platform and geolocation technology. Users can avail of contactless check-in by scanning the QR code located on the kiosk in the lobby on their arrival. This will then prompt them to complete the check-in process on their personal device.


Return to Work Safely with TDS Safeguard

At this time of a global pandemic and social distancing, visitor management protocol and digital workplace solutions are more important now than ever. TDS want to make sure that each person is prepared to make a safe and secure return to their regular working life in the coming weeks and months. 

Click the link below to book a free consultation with one of our company specialists to learn all about the actions TDS are taking and how our Visitor Management software can future-proof your facility following the Covid-19 pandemic.


Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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