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Lifesafety Care: Flexible Service Offerings for your Digital Evacuation System

LifesafetyCareWith Lifesafety Care, we offer tiers of services and maintenance in order to provide you with the perfect care package most catered to you and your requirements from standard, plus and premium options.

What is TDS Lifesafety?

TDS Lifesafety is an industry-leading digital emergency evacuation solution providing for the full evacuation solution lifecycle while delivering a single view of evacuees across an organisation. 

A fast-paced, accurate and proactive approach to emergency response, TDS Lifesafety is concerned with accurately accounting for all personnel in the event of an emergency. It is a cutting-edge solution that delivers real-time on-site accountability, optimises rescue planning and management operations and embraces legislative health and safety compliance requirements.

Muster Point-2

Care Package 1: Standard

Our Standard Service and Maintenance Offering, for secure and robust security solutions across your business. The perfect option for security and facility managers of low and mid-risk working environments.

Care Package 2: Plus

Our Plus Service and Maintenance offering for a stress-free security solution operation and full safety and regulation compliance. The perfect option for security and facilities teams, who require a clear and precise real-time overview of equipment and solution status, at all times. 

Care Package 3: Premium

Our Premium Service and Maintenance offering, for customers exposed to high security or business risks, who require vigorous access control and visitor management solutions to allow for uninterrupted people flow and full protection for their people, properties, infrastructure 24/7 - 365 - public holidays included. The perfect option for Head of Security, facilities and their teams at locations with bespoke and complex security roll-outs such as Airports and Government buildings.

Read more about our flexible service offerings with TDS Care here


5 Key Features of Lifesafety Care

- 24/7 Support

With the SE1 Upgrade, you can simply log a ticket through our online system or speak with one of our professional support agents via our direct customer care line 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If they cannot resolve your issue we will dispatch a technician and work alongside them until we can solve your problem.


- Hardware Preventative Maintenance 

Many companies fail to maintain their equipment regularly. This can result in a shorter product lifespan and potential risks. With TDS Care, preventative maintenance ensures that all components and solutions are serviced at the right time, no matter the brand of the product in use.

- Software Preventative Maintenance

Software solutions that are over-capacity can also become less secure in the long-term. TDS Care actively maintains your solution based on its usage and other relevant factors.


- Equipment Repair Service

If your security equipment malfunctions or has a damaged component, TDS Care offers technician support. These technicians will identify repair needs during regular maintenance visits, often managing to fix the problem before there is any potential disruption to your advice. 

- Reports and Analytics

TDS Care offers performance reports which are shared with internal management and stakeholders. These reports include the key metrics and 'health-check' software setting status of your security system which includes both software solutions and equipment. This transparent report will itemise support tickets and associated resolution times and can be created and segregated by office locations depending on your companies requirements. 


Want to learn more about Lifesafety Care?

TDS Lifesafety Care is inclusive of all products in the TDS suite through the SE1 upgrade which launched in September, this year. If you want to learn more about this upgrade, click below to learn more about our Digital Emergency Evacuation Solution if you want to begin your journey to provide armour to your super enterprise with TDS. 

TDS Life-Safety Discover More


Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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