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The Importance of an Integrated Workplace Post-Pandemic

Integrated-Workplace-Post-PandemicWith the current global pandemic, all workplaces must evolve their secure solutions to ensure the best protection for their employees and personnel. Integrated, secure solutions are now key to facilitating the goals of global workplaces when moving forward through the pandemic while protecting their colleagues, contractors and visitors. 

At TDS, we pride ourselves on having an impressive and growing list of 125+ secure integrations that our TDS Suite of solutions connects with, making your workplace a streamlined experience where everything connects together for your employees and visitors. This article will explore the importance an Integrated Workplace and it will further protect your organisation.

Improving Overall System Security with Integrated Solutions 

With TDS Visitor integrations, several benefits are provided such as seamless customer service, administrative optimisation tools, and vital health and safety precautions or workplace visitors. All of these integrations within one secure system allows workplaces to effectively move forward amidst the continuing global restrictions this year. 

An example of how integrated solutions and features can improve your workplace is through enhanced security measures. The lack of integration between physical and cybersecurity creates a fundamental weakness in both systems within the workplace. With the security team solely focused on physical threats, they fail to account for potential security breaches surrounding data theft within the cybersecurity team remain focused on threats to personal data contained within IT systems, often failing to consider visitor data managed by the security teams.


Other examples of integrated solutions include standalone HR, Access Control and Visitor Management systems which offer other operational and security benefits. In order to provide clients with high-performance, custom-built solutions, TDS design future-proof systems that can integrate into pre-existing workplace applications, helping each client optimise workflows and improve people management.

Along with this, the integration of these systems provides a reinforced approach to security management i.e preventing ex-employees from accessing the site directly or providing third party access via guest registration. Moving between paper-based and digital solutions heightens the risk of data breaches as data can slip through the net, protect your organisation by streamlining and digitising processes where possible. 

Now, with the changes made to workplace environments due to COVID-19, the support provided within your workplace for the safety for all who enter is more important than ever before. 

Some of the workplace integrations provided with TDS Visitor Management are:


Google Suite:

The Google Suite includes internationally popular apps such as Gmail and Calendar Apps. This integration allows hosts to schedule visitor appointments, register visitors onto the organisations' system and send visitors a meeting invitation, all without exiting the Visitor Management System. Digital personalisation of invitations serves as another safety check to ensure that the correct people are invited and welcomed to the appropriate distinctions, along with providing an added sense of familiarity and hospitality in a corporate setting. 


Get an automatic push notification to your phone when your guest arrives. Slack facilitates in holding visitors in the lobby prior to gaining access which then assists further in implementing capacity management measures.

Watch Lists:

A watchlist integration automatically checks visitors entered in the system against internally generated "do not allow" lists, as well as the ability to automatically download government watch lists, keeping your employees and other visitors safer than ever while on-site. 

SSO (Single Sign-On): 

With SAML, LDAP, and ADFS all included, a Single-Sign-On allows users to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. 

These integrations and the added technology allow organisations to ensure that the first impression they give is a positive one, setting the foundation going forward, while simultaneously minimising the risks of infection during the pandemic. TDS-Integrations-graphic


Consistently Improving the Post-Pandemic Workplace 

One of the greatest advantages of transforming your reception with a Digital Visitor Management System is the ability to integrate into your existing workplace applications. During the current pandemic, visitors will have new concerns regarding their personal safety when entering sites they are not as familiar with. Most global organisations will want to utilise new technology as much as possible in order to safely comply with their regions' ongoing government guidelines. Also, companies will look to display and ensure a safe work experience for all employees and personnel on a daily basis with the measures they provide. 

Quick Register 1 of 3-1

For example, integrated Visitor Management solutions allow sign-in processes to take place electronically and instantaneously with pre-registration and pre-screening technology. With TDS' contactless check-in workflows, customers can initiate a check-in process themselves. This ability is particularly valuable to today's visitors, who will need to be more considerate of safety when organisations may need to limit the capacity of people within the workplace to diminish the risk of infection due to ineffective social distancing measures in workplaces who have not set capacity limits. 


How the Integration of Visitor Management and Access Control Benefits the Workplace

Integrating Visitor Management with Access Control allows visitor movements to be tracked and entry to sensitive areas restricted at all times. This integration becomes necessary when visitors and contractors are allowed free access to a facility and are not always escorted by a host. A solution is to integrate an organisations visitor management system with its access control system, allowing the two systems to work together to grant entry to authorised personnel.

AccessControl (1)

Security is maintained at all times even if visitors mistakenly fail to clock out properly on departure, the fact that the visitor management system is integrated with access control means they will be denied access after a specified time and date has expired if they attempt to return. These security solutions support a greater level of access control, ensuring that visitors, employees and staff are all kept safe and that opportunities for individuals to spread illness are kept to a minimum. 


Meeting Safety Guidelines Daily With Integrated Functions

Integrated solutions regularly seek to facilitate numerous modern and well-designed security functions including:

  • Visitor badges to help identify guests on the premises
  • Unique QR codes that scan at an entry kiosk/iPad
  • Integration with internal and external watch-lists.
  • Retinal and contactless biometric scanning to verify visitor identity.
  • Alert Notifications

Due to the pandemic, security measures are taking on an added dimension of importance. Integrated solutions are an obvious choice for companies seeking to secure and future-proof their business using innovative technology options - and improving visitor flow and experience is a necessity while we continue to work towards a post-pandemic workplace with fewer restrictions. 

By providing remotely accessible, upgradable and adaptable integrations to their digital visitor management system, companies can safely ensure that their visitors have a welcoming, user-friendly, and positive experience from the moment they enter the premises right until the checkout.


Returning to Work Confidently with TDS 

TDS' main mission of 2020 is to help global organisations return to work safely and to prepare for a workplace post-pandemic. TDS Safeguard is the newest solution developed by TDS to enable your organisations to return to work safely following the coronavirus pandemic. This solution will provide your organisation with the confidence it needs to continue with business as usual following the strain the recent few months has had on businesses globally. 

Visit our TDS Safeguard to learn more:

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Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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