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    What are the Key Deliverables of Visitor Management in a Post-Pandemic Workplace?

    Key-Deliverables-Visitor-Management-Post-PandemicWhen planning for and welcoming guests to your companies site, putting your best foot forward and ensuring all health, safety and legal requirements are met, a digital visitor management solution is a growing necessity for an organisation looking to lead the charge in effectively protecting their employees and personnel, permanently. 

    Securing the Future of your Facility with Digital Visitor Management 

    Digital Visitor Management solutions manage the full visitor lifecycle end-to-end, from pre-registration to self-service, touch-less checking-in to notifying hosts of visitor arrivals and checking out, ensuring all appropriate health, safety and legal requirements are met.

    Covid-19 has caused a considerable strain to businesses globally for a significant portion of the year so far. Businesses and global organisations now need to ensure the protection of not only their building security but also the health of their employee's and if they are meeting social distancing guidelines while reducing the risk of spreading germs in the workplace as best as possible. 


    Implementing a Visitor Management solution will ensure that all needs can be met in order to secure your facility and is your organisations best way of future-proofing their business. This year, Visitor Management for global organisations has changed and is no longer an option but a protective necessity for all large-scale organisations, globally. 


    Here are just some of the Key Deliverables which feature in a Digital Visitor Management solution that have now been enhanced for the post-pandemic workplace:


    1. Streamline Check-Ins with Pre-Registration

    Streamlines the check-in processes and reduces administrative burdens with TDS' quick register portal. For organisations that regularly host larger events and meetings on-site, the pre-booking feature allows all personnel to pre-register their attendance prior to arrival which effectively reduces check-in times and also aids in capacity management of organisations as the world continues to work around the ongoing coronavirus restrictions. 

    Pre-Registration (1) (1)

    Also, with some simple configuration, Visitor Management solutions can be designed to request unique reference numbers as the final stage of a check-in process, making the check-in process even easier. 

    By using pre-registration, you stay one step ahead of the game and beat the bottleneck. With the world still under restriction due to Covid-19, having the ability to manage and have full knowledge of who is due to register and enter your facility will further enforce social distancing and capacity management guidelines. 



    2. Contactless Check Ins

    Due to the restrictions implemented as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a "touchless" check-in process is now an absolute necessity going forward. At TDS we have enhanced our multiple TDS Visitor workflows to provide global organisations with a revised and effective workflow for our visitor management solution, whether the visitor is pre-registered and issued to your facility.Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.52.41

    In order to minimise risk and limit touching surfaces, our fully contactless process combines the standard TDS Kiosk, a mobile check-in platform and geolocation technology. Users can avail of contactless check-in by scanning the QR code located on the kiosk in the lobby on their arrival. This will then prompt them to complete the check-in process on their device. 


    3. Signing Digital Forms 

    In addition to data capturing caused by GDPR, the new European legislation has also heavily affected how European organisations protect their data and implement data-breach preventing processes. For front-of-house, traditional visitor recording and file sharing methods have been digitally evolved and adapted by large enterprises as data-breach mitigating solutions. 

    Confidentiality-NDA (1)

    NDA's, legal forms and other form signing requirements have been integrated into check-in workflows for visitors to sign before being granted site access. This feature is primarily used by organisations that want to improve data security and reduce the manual labour involved in the check-in process.


    4. Custom and Instant Host Notifications

    An enhanced visitor management solution ensures hosts are notified of visitors arrivals, regardless of their destination. Whenever a visitor completes their check-in process via a visitor management solution to notify awaiting visitors of delays or they can begin travelling towards reception for visitor collection. 

    Slack Notifications

    By creating direct communication channels return hosts and visitors, this feature can be used to reduce the time visitors spend waiting at reception and also improve overall visitor first impressions with a user-focused, self-service check-in process. 

    At the beginning of the outbreak, TDS added message banners to all our TDS Kiosks, Invitations and general Kiosk messages. These message banners asked all who used the kiosk or iPad if they had visited mainland China in the past 14 days. However, this soon progresses to adding countries such as Italy, Iran, and South Korea until the list continued to grow to its global scale, seen today.


    Adapting to the daily changes brought by the pandemic earlier this year, made it necessary to implement Custom Alert Notifications. TDS has been confident early on during the pandemic that through this visitor functionality update on all Visitor functionality updates on all Visitor Kiosks, Invitations and iPads that we have provided the necessary tools to support organisations throughout the journey. TDS are constantly maintaining the situation and working with our customers to ensure they are positioned to protect their employees, contractors, colleagues, and guests through the requirements of our updated visitor functions.


    5. Integrating Third-Party Applications

    For any future-proof solution on the market, it's important to consider how well it integrates with other solutions. With Visitor Management solutions, the opportunity to integrate with Access Cloud and Watchlists can extend the functionality for security purposes. Additionally, internally-used applications such as Docusign and Office 365 can be integrated into Visitor Management solutions to create a value-enhanced experience for employees.

    Integrations New

    6. Design User-Friendly Experiences

    While most Visitor Management solutions allow for quick check-in experiences, an enhanced solution offer additional and more complex system functionalities without compromising the User Interface (UI). Integrating brand logos and colour schemes into the front-end of a visitor management solution can speak volumes when assessing the brand-enhancing effects of a unique first impression for visitors.

    Additionally, as the first point-of-contact new arrivals on-site, workflows should provide simple, fast, and efficient user experiences (UX). This can be achieved by integrating multiple language options for different solution deployment locations, catering to visitors of different nationalities. 


    7. Gaining Insights From Detailed Reporting 

    The creation of detailed visitor reports provide employees with visual insights that help improve role functions inside organisations. The functionality of these reports has been enhanced with custom alerts and capacity management reports which fall in line with government guidelines. 


    Comprehensive Reporting Suite

    Search criteria such as; Visitor Type, Entry Time, Departure Time, Visitor Name and Access Authorisation is provided in real-time to help security teams, receptionists and other employees identify data trends. For example, facility managers can identify peak visitor traffic hours to identify areas that may require more resources during certain times of the day and also when restricted capacity has been reached during the pandemic.

    8. Achieving Health, Safety and Legal Compliance

    With each industry governed by unique regulatory frameworks, it is now essential for organisations to choose solutions that offer opportunities to digitally display and capture critical information before allowing visitors to complete their check-in process. In some cases, the signing of forms or agreeing of terms is required to provide an audit trail for compliance audits and internal investigations.


    Another feature implemented recently for enhanced health and safety compliance during the pandemic is sanitisation stations which further aid in proper occupancy control. With TDS Visitor, it is extremely important to provide optimum sanitisation for all people entering and exiting facilities. 


    9. Global Scalability to Cover Your Global Campus

    With so many current visitor management providers focusing on the needs of small and medium enterprises, most Visitor Management solutions on the market currently lack the scalability required to adequately serve organisations that are global in size. To protect and future-proof against a Visitor Management investment, we suggest decision-makers select a solution with centralised database functions and rapid scalability capabilities. A web-based solution not only allows for remote system management but also ensures global and regional data policies can be enforced if required. 

    Click here to book a demo with one of our product specialists to learn more about TDS' enhanced Visitor Management solution!


    Visitor Management For All Personnel, Not Just Visitors

    As countries and companies will begin to return to work throughout the next few months, TDS Visitor check-in kiosks will now be fully adaptable to take account of all members of personnel entering and exiting your site if required, including employees, contractors, guests, etc, and not just visitors


    This will be a necessary action to take for all organisations who value the safety of their site and the people within it so that there is as limited of a risk as possible for further spread of the virus. Visitor Management solutions across the world will now need to become fully adaptable to the changes the world has brought and may possibly bring in the future.

    Accounting for all personnel with a Visitor Management solution is the best step forward in distinguishing which organisations will put their best in securing their organisation and personnel at all times. 


    TDS To Showcase Enhancements to Visitor Management for a Post-Pandemic Workplace at Future Office's 2020

    TDS will be showcasing the latest version of our Visitor Management application, built for the Super Enterprise which is tailored to single-handedly manage third-party visitors, contractors, and events.

    Since the coronavirus pandemic has put many normal business operations on hold for an extended period this year, TDS have redeveloped and enhanced some of our Visitor Management features to help global organisations return to work safely following the pandemic. 


    Book a webinar slot at Future Offices Online Summer 2020!

    Click the link below to book a slot at Future Offices Summer 2020 Virtual event where TDS will be showcasing their global enterprise Visitor Management solution and how we plan on mitigating risk with Visitor Management and keeping employees and guests safe following the Covid-19 pandemic at 2:30 pm ET on August 4th.



    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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