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It's Time to Rethink Your Reception and It's Function in your Office

Rethink-Your-Reception-In-OfficeCovid-19 has changed the way businesses operate. We must now rethink the function of our reception and how it can protect our people, through innovative visitor management. A good Visitor Management System takes into account the experience and lifecycle of the visitor within a facility. This solution must be viewed with the perspective of accounting for the visitor as a welcomed guest to the premises, in both a general sense and in the event of an emergency. 

Covid-19 has caused a considerable strain to businesses globally for a significant portion of the year so far. Businesses and global organisations now need to ensure the protection of not only their building security but also of protecting the health of their employee's health, meeting social distancing guidelines and reducing the risk of spreading germs in the workplace as best as possible. The reception area of any business is one of the main hubs of activity and must now be redeveloped to protect all staff and personnel entering and exiting, daily. 

Traditional Visitor Management Methods Revolutionised 

In the past, visitor management has been nothing more than pen and paper with guests signing their names manually on paper logs. This outdated method was inconvenient and unsafe as the visitor's name can be illegible or fake. The information on the paper log that is supposed to be confidential is left open to the public. 

As a result, users have turned to digital Visitor Management Systems, which are much more accurate and provide additional information that a logbook cannot provide, like the visitor photo, address, gender and reason for visit. 


Improving the Visitor Experience Through Digital Means

If your visitors are automatically pre-registered, your employees will automatically be notified of a guests arrival. When your system can pre-register guests and review all previous and upcoming visits it eliminates unnecessary phone calls to your reception desk, improving management and maximising visibility. 

Quick Register 1 of 3-1

Pre-registered visitors can receive visit details prior to coming on-site. This can include an email with meeting details with a QR code attached. This saves time in filling in a visitor registration form onsite and queuing to receive a visitor badge upon arrival.


All Operations and Business Functions Working Together Seamlessly

A particularly valuable feature of a visitor management system is the ability to integrate with the organisation's access control system.


An access card, in the form of a visitors badge, is activated in the access system using the information entered into the visitor software. Upon the visitor's departure, he or she is checked out by the visitor lobby system and the associated card is automatically deactivated.


A Visitor Management System Ensures Everyone Stays Safe in the Workplace

The Health and Safety at Work Act reinforces the responsibility of businesses to make sure everyone at work stays safe in the workplace. This includes any authorised visitors.

When a visitor arrives on-site, a visitor management system can instruct them on a safety briefing or induction. It can also online if visitors need to sign a confidentiality agreement or NDA before going on-site.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.52.41

Implementing a Visitor Management solution will ensure that all needs can be met in order to secure your facility and is your organisations best way of future-proofing their business. This year, Visitor Management for global organisations has changed and is no longer an option but a protective necessity for all large-scale organisations, globally.


Using Visitor Data to Improve Facility Management

The gathering of data begins at the very beginning of the visit. It all starts with the pre-registration. The more pre-registration compliance you get, the more you will know about the different matrix and key performance indicators you will have around your visitor management program. On-Site-Reporting-1

Data regarding reasons for visiting a site or how many third-party individuals came on-site throughout a timeframe could be optimised in terms of a visitor within a certain timeframe and revealing a number of times a visitor was onsite and for what particular reasons. 


Visitor Management For All Personnel, Not Just Visitors

As countries and companies will begin to return to work throughout the next few months, TDS Visitor check-in kiosks will now be fully adaptable to take account of all members of personnel entering and exiting your site if required, including employees, contractors, guests, etc, and not just visitors


This will be a necessary action to take for all organisations who value the safety of their site and the people within it so that there is as limited of a risk as possible for further spread of the virus. Visitor Management solutions across the world will now need to become fully adaptable to the changes the world has brought and may bring in the future.

Accounting for all personnel with a Visitor Management solution is the best step forward in distinguishing which organisations will put their best in securing their organisation and personnel at all times. 


Returning to Work Confidently with TDS Safeguard

TDS' main mission of 2020 is to help global organisations return to work safely and to prepare for a workplace post-pandemic. TDS Safeguard is the newest solution developed by TDS to enable your organisations to return to work safely following the coronavirus pandemic. This solution will provide your organisation with the confidence it needs to continue with business as usual following the strain the recent few months has had on businesses globally. 


With TDS Safeguard, your organisation can ensure the protection and safety of your colleagues, contractors and visitor arriving at your facility. Implementing TDS Safeguard will provide you with the appropriate features to prevent against future pandemic and manage occupancy and social distancing effectively. 

Visit our TDS Safeguard to learn more:


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If your organisation has been rethinking the workflow of your office's reception area, click the link below to learn more about how TDS provide world-class SaaS Enterprise Security Management solutions to protect your people, property and assets.



Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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