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Copy of Covid19 BannerISC West 2020, originally scheduled to take place March 17-20 has now been postponed to July 2020, following growing concerns regarding the coronavirus. Taking this news into account, TDS will be in attendance at the show in July, and will hold online workshops March 18 & 19th in place of the initial show dates. Sign up at the bottom of the page to secure your 1 hour online slot.

Due to the increasing concerns worldwide with Covid-19, the show organisers of ISC West & Reed Exhibitions have made the decision to postpone ISC West until July (dates pending), citing a need to prioritise the health and safety of everyone involved with ISC West amidst rising coronavirus concerns. 

Statement from Reed Exhibitions on ISC West 2020

According to an official announcement from Reed Exhibitions, based on their close monitoring of ongoing developments with the Covid-19, recent and extensive consultation with their partners in the global security community, the organisers of ISC West decided to postpone the show to July 2020.

The announcement reads: "We take pride in offering vital business opportunities to our customers, including networking education and access to new products and technologies, and commit ourselves to making July's ISC West 2020 event line up to high standards. Over the coming weeks, along with ISC West's Premier Sponsor SIA - we will continue to serve the industry, creating ways to connect, collaborate and keep our world moving during the difficult period".

TDS to hold ISC West Workshops Online March 18-19 

TDS are happy to announce that we will continue to attend the upcoming ISC West show in the new proposed month of July. In the meantime however, we would like to officially announce our upcoming online ISC West Workshops, which will be one-hour slots throughout the days of March 18 & 19, in place of the initial show dates.

The purpose of these online ISC West Workshops are to continue business as usual, in a safe and secure capacity, with the intent of continuing previously organised meetings that were expected to take place at the ISC west show. Spaces for the ISC West workshops are limited, so submit your interest to book your slot now below.

Click here to submit your interest in booking a time slot for the TDS X ISC West Workshops 2020

What will the TDS X ISC West Workshops cover?

TDS X ISC West Workshops will cover any and every question that you have about the TDS Suite of products, specifically within the visitor management (TDS Visitor) remit as well as other products; TDS Access, TDS Lifesafety and more.

Product specialists will dedicate an hour slot towards your product of interest with an online demonstration, covering the key business deliverables and features and functionality most relevant to your company and industry. If you're more interested in specific area or topic regarding one of our products, you can also submit this within your workshop request.

Staying Safe and Secure Against Covid-19

These workshops have been created to be able to continue business as usual, while also ensuring safety from the Covid-19 virus. More updates to follow for a further announcement confirming the date of ISC West 2020. Spaces for the TDS X ISC West Workshops are limited, and in high demand, so please ensure that you are booking your slot as soon as possible.

Click the link below to get started and book your ISC West Workshop now with TDS.




Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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