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Improving the Student Experience with Beacon Technology

Compatible with iBeacon, Eddystone and Bluetooth standards, TDS Beacon provides a revolutionary approach to monitoring on-campus students by offering Real-Time Locational Services (RTLS) information on uniquely assigned ID badges.

Real-Time On-Site Accountability

With no user action required, TDS Beacon can be rapidly deployed on a global scale to offer Schools and Universities improved visibility of students across multiple sites. 

Consisting of two elements, a sender and a receiver, TDS Beacon functions by integrating beacon transmitters with ID badges, then deploying several receivers across the site. 

As ID badges pass from gateway to gateway, new transactions are recorded and stored in the TDS Cloud for a centralised view of on-site movements.

A Future-Proof Monitoring Solution

Tailored to meet the legal health & safety requirements of organisations' environments, TDS Life-Safety provides automated reporting on emergency response times, enhancing on-site safety.

Detailed reporting allows for the identification of emerging trends and patterns, streamlining future emergency response planning and ensures full safety compliance.

Main Features of Beacon Technology

  • No user action required 
  • Time savings over paper-based methods
  • Data protection with full data encryption 
  • Rapid Deployment 
  • Pin-point last known location of unaccounted employees
  • Seamless integration with office culture, with customisable beacon card technology
  • Ensure Health & Safety Compliance
  • Integration Opportunities

Benefits of Accurate Student Monitoring and Reporting

Some of the main benefits associated with monitoring and reporting student attendance are: Comprehensive reporting within TDS Beacon improves on-site visibility, optimises site security, improves role-based productivity, meets complex client needs, user-friendly solution, integrates with third-party solutions, and ios health, safety and legally compliant.

Would you like to see how our TDS Student monitoring and reporting solution works?

If you would like to learn more about TDS Student and how our Beacon technology can further improve the monitoring and reporting experience, click here or the link below to book in with one of our product specialists for a product demo.

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Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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