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    How Visitor Management Can Protect the Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Visitor-Management-PharmaceuticalDigital Visitor Management Solutions within global pharmaceutical centres are becoming necessary to help deal with the diverse range of technology, active ingredients and machinery, coupled with large numbers of employees, contractors and other visitors on a daily basis. 

    Protecting the Pharmaceutical Industry with Visitor Management 

    In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, clients seek to safeguard compliance by assessing visitor risk prior to granting access to the facility. Health screening questions are presented to all visitors with subsequent screens dependent on client responses.

    Contractor management is a key focus with security-related questions presented to contractors only, where contractors are unable to confirm essential security documentation access was denied. 


    By providing a visible record of all visitors and contractors and their security screening responses the organisation safeguards compliance with industry-specific regulations.

    TDS' Extensive Pharmaceutical Solutions

    TDS is experienced in ensuring the safety and security of the worlds leading pharmaceutical organisations through our highly advanced and future-proof systems. Our flexible technology allows for full visibility of all on-site personnel and intelligent emergency response support. 

    Some of the enhanced solutions included for the protection of all personnel and industries, including pharmaceutical are real-access control monitoring, digital visitor and contractor monitoring, emergency head-counting, biometric identification and facial recognition, CCTV integration and beacon tracking, among many others. 


    Implementing a Visitor Management Solution to Future-Proof Businesses Post-Pandemic

    Optimising your pharmaceutical facilities globally for more efficient facility management is now the necessary way forward to future-proof your industry. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses will need to consider upgrading or completely remodelling their reception area and entry workflow in order to easily adhere to safety guidelines going forward, post-pandemic. Implementing improved security and visitor management solutions is the best, most effective way that businesses can take control of the future stability of their organisation after what has been a turbulent year for most businesses, worldwide.Touchless-Check-In

    TDS Visitor has updated its features and functionalities after the last few years and months to ensure our solutions are always providing the optimum security and support to the global organisations who need to protect their people, property, and assets. 

    Pharmaceutical industries are a global organisation who will always require the utmost secure protection, and the Covid-19 pandemic has particularly highlighted this necessity for a Visitor Management solution.


    The Key Advantages of Going Digital in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Self-Service Transparency

    Time verification of visitor credentials and issuing of visitor badges.

    Eliminate Queues

    Reduce your check-in process down to just 20-30 seconds per visitor, depending on the specific user workflow.

    Paperless Administration 

    Electronically signed documents are stored in the cloud for quick referencing.

    Data Protection and Compliance

    GDPR, ISO 27001, CSA, PCI and ITAR standards are all met with TDS Visitor.

    Extensive Dashboard Support

    Assist in the visitor process from the reception desk by checking-in visitors, contacting hosts, and printing badges. 

    Event Registration

    Streamline group visits and reduce reception bottlenecking for high volume events.


    Important and Protective Features Included in a Global Visitor Management Solution 

    In today's global business environment organisations with facilities spread across the world, managing the flow of visitors requires organisations to take a global approach to their visitor management practices.

    The following features of today's global visitor management solutions, are created with the protection of each personnel entering all global facilities in mind, particularly those entering pharmaceutical industries, globally. 


    Contactless Check-In

    TDS have developed a fully-contactless check-in process, which combines the standard TDS Kiosk, a mobile check-in platform and geolocation technology. Limiting human contact is a sure way to slow down the spread of Covid-19, therefore creating a contactless experience across all industries is the way forward.

    Users can avail of contactless check-in scanning the QR code located on the kiosk in the lobby on their arrival. This will then prompt them to complete the check-in process on their device. 



    Capacity Management for Social Distancing Measures

    Capacity Management functionality allows companies to effectively monitor building capacity of employees, visitors and contractors in real-time. Set a capacity limit to ensure you stay compliant with social distancing measures. Once capacity is met, people can only enter in a 1-in-1-out system.

    They key benefits of our Capacity Management feature is that it sets a building capacity, ensures social distancing measures, and provides a real-time view of personnel on-site. 


    Pre-Screening all Personnel

    TDS' pre-screening functionality allows for companies to pre-screen guests prior to arrival, minimising the risk of infection reaching your facility.

    This pre-screening functionality allows hosts to send a list of questions to visitors, which they are required to answer prior to accepting their visit.


    Sample questions:

    • Have you had contact with anyone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days?
    • Have you had a cough, fever or difficulty breathing in the last 14 days?
    • Have you been outside of the country in the last 14 days?

    Hosts and relevant staff will be notified via the visitor dashboard when a pre-screening questionnaire has been completed. Once answers have been submitted, hosts can wither "Accept" or "Decline" visitors depending on their answers, and immediately update on their answers, and immediately update them in real-time via a push notification. 


    Custom Alert Notifications

    Custom Alerts allow companies to tie threshold alerts to any conditions that meet requirements.

    This allows companies to be notified when visitors fail the pre-screening process, when building capacity is met, or when Covid Safety Officer is off-premises. Alerts can be pre-programmed around any data captured by the system.


    Sanitisation Station for Occupancy Control

    With any visitor management solution, it is now extremely important to provide optimum sanitisation for all people entering and exiting facilities post-pandemic.

    image-18Scalable Security

    While many variables may differ across locations form a security perspective one critical element remains the same, unwanted guests are unwanted everywhere. By leveraging the power of global watch lists, your security team can ensure every unwanted guests are screened with any action necessary taken in advance of the visitors' arrival on site.

    A SaaS Visitor Management solution increases visibility across multiple locations, improves the security process and standardise process on a global level. TDS-Visitor-Overview-Final (1)

    Protect Your Industry Against the Virus with Visitor Management

    At this time of a global pandemic and social distancing, visitor management protocol and digital workplace solutions are more important now than ever. TDS want to make sure that each person is prepared to make a safe and secure return to their regular working life in the coming weeks and months. 

    Click the link below to book a free consultation with one of our company specialists to learn all about the actions TDS are taking and how our Visitor Management software can future-proof your facility following the Covid-19 pandemic.



    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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