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How Universities Will Digitally Monitor Student Attendance Post Pandemic

Student-Post-PandemicFollowing the Covid-19 pandemic, the main goal for Digitally Attendance Monitoring solutions is to ensure that student attendance and engagement is still tracked online everywhere and across all platforms. Upgrading student attendance monitoring will mean that all universities and schools can not only monitor physical in-class attendance but also online and at out-of-class events. 

As students have not been able to physically mark their attendance in their institution, they will now need new ways to digitally track their attendance for student records. This needs to be done so that all students can maintain compliance with legal, educational requirements while also engaging sufficiently with coursework and assignments as regularly as possible. 

What is a Digital Attendance Tracking Solution?

Digital Student Attendance Monitoring is a solution for universities to track their students' attendance, increase engagement and comply with legal, educational requirements. 

This solution offers students a platform where they can monitor and assess their academic progress; empowering them to take ownership of their academic commitments by equipping them with a diverse range of smart and innovative features.


TDS Student Portal - My Attendances

Student Attendance Re-Engaged for the Post-Pandemic Student Experience

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most educational institutes across the world have had to close, meaning most students will be completing the academic year from home and/or online.

Typically, student attendance monitoring has been used solely in lecture halls/classrooms. Due to the changes in physical attendance due to the global restrictions with the coronavirus pandemic, TDS has made significant changes to create a more universal system by monitoring attendance "On-Campus and Online" ensuring students are monitored across every platform outside of the lecture hall/classroom.

Some examples of where Student Attendance can now be Digitally Monitored post-pandemic are:

  • On-campus
  • Online
  • Field trips
  • Excursions
  • Work placements,
  • All outside academic engagement throughout all international campuses. 

TDS Student Product Suite (2)

This enhanced monitoring system is completely custom for each University or Institutions needs, whether it's via a Student Portal, Lecturer Portal, wall readers, handheld readers, custom integrations (for student platforms like Blackboard and Moodle) and also the TDS Student app.


Continually Protecting Student Engagement and Progressing Education

Digital Student Attendance Monitoring will now not only future-proof universities and other student institutes, but will also future-proof and protect the overall education experience for all students, particularly after the disruption caused to all education services throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

TDS Student Integrations

This streamlined version of Digital Attendance Monitoring will not only revolutionise attendance monitoring in the face of unprecedented circumstances such as a pandemic but will prove to be the next generation upgrade towards digitising the education industry.


Key Features of a Student Attendance Monitoring Solution

Some of the features included with TDS Students new streamlined solution are:

  • New GDPR compliance portlet
  • Care Plus feature,
  • Additional compliance cohorts
  • Attendance comparison reports
  • Memberships and absence management
  • Improved lecturer and event features
  • Automatic flag update job frequency
  • Early/late threshold and absence percentages
  • Select date-range per semester
  • Student beacon API, and so much more!


Meeting the Needs of Student Requirements Across Every Platform

Digital Student Attendance Monitoring has always been a solution that offers students a platform where they can monitor and assess their academic progress; empowering them to take ownership of the academic commitments by equipping them with a diverse range of smart and innovative features. 

This now further improved level of monitoring student attendance across all platforms has been developed to enable educational institutions to meet academic, legal and contractual requirements in respect to each other's unique circumstances, while also substantially reducing the level of the administrative burden placed on internal departments that frequently engage with students. 

Digital Student Attendance Monitoring has now evolved beyond the classroom to anywhere and everywhere to ensure the safety and progression of all students' academic attendance and  engagement.  


Learn More About Protecting Your Students And Institution

TDS Student's Digital Student Attendance Monitoring is dedicated to continuing to provide student attendance monitoring solutions that will present an undisputed world-class system of enhanced solutions that embraces your institute's policies and adheres to your regulations, while cost-effectively streamlining your monitoring process with ease as we move towards a post-pandemic student experience.



Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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