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    How to manage VIPs with a Visitor Management solution


    There is a certain standard of care expected of organisations when visitors arrive on-site. Visitors should feel welcomed and experience a level of comfort, this is often the case with organisations that prioritise the user experience. With important guests or VIP's however, there is an expectation that staff raise their performance levels to ensure the VIP interacts with a positively seamless experience. Today, TDS share how to manage VIPs with a modern Visitor Management solution.

    Pre-Arrival Planning

    The vast majority of VIP-orientated decisions are made in the preparation stage of visitor planning. Whether your organisation wants to personalise pre-registration forms, streamline check-in experiences or configure VIP alerts, there are quite a few techniques modern Visitor Management solutions can implement to provide organisations and VIPs with a professional and unique user experience.


    Personalised Invitations

    Super Enterprises can ensure their visitors embark on a positive journey by sending introductory personalised meeting invitations. With a digital Visitor Management solution, invitations can be personalised to include; meeting details, meeting attendee bios, directions to meeting location, parking options, nearby hotels, transportation options, pre-registration links, WiFi passwords and so much more. By tailoring invitations with fine detail, organisations can take comfort in knowing they are projecting an attentive, professional appearance. 


    Anticipation of Needs

    Prior to a VIP's arrival, it's important to have the correct personnel on-hand to ensure any last minute enquiries are catered to. If the meeting location is some distance away from where the VIP arrives from, it would be wise to anticipate that they may want a refreshment when they arrive. Additionally, if a map of the facilities hasn't been provided in the personalised invitation, some information on where restrooms, canteens and smoking areas are location may also be useful.


    Room Preparation

    If the meeting room isn't fully set-up and ready, every effort that has been made up to that point can be considered as consolation for the visitors experience. Partaking in the meeting is the primary reason the VIP has came on-site, and this particular oversight can cause quite the disruption to the event if a degree of time-consuming troubleshooting is involved. To ensure this doesn't occur, checklists can be created with a list of requirements to ensure any equipment or technology is set-up and ready. 


    The Arrival

    Check-In Notifications

    Notably with modern Visitor Management solutions, check-in notifications can be configured to automatically alert hosts and other relevant personnel of the visitors arrival. With multiple notification methods available to choose from (SMS, Email, Slack and more) hosts can ensure VIPs aren't left waiting, spending unnecessary time at reception waiting on their host to collect them.  

    TDS x Slack Integration

    Unique Badges

    Perhaps one of the most popular features of modern Visitor Management solutions, unique badge printing allows visitors to print their own guest badge with their name, photo and access right in some cases. Additionally, when Access Control and Visitor Management are integrated, printed badges can be configured for access port authorisation, should the organisation wish.

    Google Unique Badge

    VIP Alerts

    By accessing the solutions back-office, notes can be attached to unique user profiles to alert receptionists, security teams and catering to the VIP's arrival. Once an alert is sent out, employees can ensure they balance their daily role with the unique VIP requirements. VIP Alerts not only help boost communication throughout sites but also helps certain departments operate more efficiently as they accommodate for special circumstances. 

    The Departure

    The visitor's experience doesn’t end when they leave the meeting room, rather when they check-out and depart the premises. To ensure your organisation doesn’t fall before the final hurdle, take care when walking the visitor back to reception and make sure they know how to get to their next point, be it their hotel or the easiest way back to the main road.

    After the visitor departs, it is common courtesy to follow up with a note thanking them for their visit. It's a probable assumption to think your VIP will return again one day, so to improve on the experience notes can be input into the VIPs user profile to offer insight for their next visit.


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    To learn more, visit TDS Visitor for more information.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Visitor Management

    Taylor McGavisk
    Taylor McGavisk
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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