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    How Organisations Can Operate a Successful and Safe Return to Work Strategy for Staff

    Successful-Safe-ReturnPerhaps the most important change when fully reopening offices and global organisations is the implementation of measures for hygiene and health screening upon arrival in order to fully safeguard the office. As offices and organisations prepare to resume on-site work, they need to be fully equipped with as many measures as possible to safeguard their employees going forward.

    Covid-19 has caused a considerable strain to businesses globally for a significant portion of the year so far. Businesses and global organisations now need to ensure the protection of not only their building security but also of protecting the health of their employee's health, meeting social distancing guidelines and reducing the risk of spreading germs in the workplace as best as possible.


    Safeguarding Your Employees and Visitors Upon Entry at Reception

    TDS' new Sanitisation Station will keep your workplace clean while simultaneously confirming the health status of those entering the building whether it is a visitor, contractor, or employee. 

    Due to the current position the world is in due to the Covid-19 virus, it is now extremely important to provide optimum sanitisation for each person entering and exiting facilities, post-pandemic. TDS' Sanitisation Station provides full protection from point of entry and is a one-stop station for arriving on-site.

    1The Station features a 'Swipe In' reader for capacity management and instructions on proper sanitisation to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus again. This addition to our check-in workflow comes from the growing need to create a highly sanitised, contactless visitor management solution.


    An Innovative and User-Friendly Approach to Safe and Hygienic Access On-Site

    TDS has worked hard to provide a solution that allows for a fully contactless check-in solution using QR codes and geofencing, while also giving businesses the ability to prescreen everyone who visits their workplace before they arrive on site. 

    Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 13.07.13

    With the TDS Sanitisation Station, a person entering can scan their QR code or company badge which will prompt them to a set of "prescreening" questions which will then prompt them to answer with their QR code or badge "Yes" or "No". 

    Then, when they pass through these pre-screening questions, they will be allocated access and can move on to sanitise their hands directly next to the reader. Following this, a thermal temperature scanner is provided as the last means of ensuring proper health and safety guidelines are being met before entry. 


    Improved Health & Safety Provisions with Regular Employee Wellness Checks

    It is now more important than ever to make sure your company has a strong Health and Safety department or representative who is well versed in all aspects of the pandemic and reducing the further spread of the virus within the workplace. 

    Health & Safety officers will need to gain a proper picture of their employees' health and well being when deciding to invite people back to work. This means gathering information relating to employees travel habits, if they have any underlying health conditions that may put them at particular risk and if their condition has changed.image-18

    Employees need to be aware that if they have any concerns over their health and wellness, that they have the support of their health & safety officer at all times to provide government advice.


    Return to Work Safely with TDS Safeguard

    At this time of a global pandemic and social distancing, visitor management protocol and digital workplace solutions are more important now than ever. TDS want to make sure that each person is prepared to make a safe and secure return to their regular working life in the coming weeks and months. 

    Click the link below to book a free consultation with one of our company specialists to learn all about the actions TDS are taking and how our Visitor Management software can future-proof your facility following the Covid-19 pandemic.



    Kim Carroll
    Kim Carroll
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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