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3 Optimal Reasons to go Paperless by Digitising Visitor Management



Going paperless is becoming an increasingly popular and necessary decision being made today by companies and businesses. How can efficient digital management aid this change? By digitising your visitor management experience you are reaping the benefits of a more secure, more sustainable and more cost-effective organisation.

TDS have produced the 3 best reasons why your enterprise should make a digital transformation and become environmentally responsible.

Understanding the Digital Revolution of Today

It is no secret by now that the digital revolution of recent years has impacted the way we use paper within our workplace. The ultimate objective of any professional office space, therefore, is to provide a paperless operation for ultimate organisation and commitment to an improved global conversation.

The modernisation of the reception area has seen digital visitor management systems replace log ledgers and with this, the integration of Digital Forms onto visitor check-in systems is the latest feature to be added to the TDS Visitor Suite. 

Improving Access Control Within Your Enterprise

When files are digitally stored in the cloud, your organization instantly becomes more flexible.

As is the case with almost every organisation around the world, when visitors, and contractors arrive at reception desks to check-in, they are greeted with a seemingly endless list of forms, permissions and contracts they are required to sign before receiving their access pass.

In the past, when these forms were signed, receptionists were required to make copies of these files, log them and file them in an organised manner so they can be found again should they ever be required. 

Convenience and Productivity Improvements

The convenience of going digital and being a paperless operation can save your company issues with logistics and filing relevant documentation, meticulously. Valuable visitor management is sure to increase your company’s overall productivity.

Superior Security Policies and Improvements

Whilst a standalone visitor management system is a big improvement on any paper system in distinguishing visitors and why they are present, organisations need to adopt a holistic approach to site security. Integrating visitor management and access control to tighten security policies and improve operational efficiencies.

The security of your companies systems and facilities should be of significant importance. Storing documents in the cloud are safer than keeping sensitive files in an office. Digital documents are encrypted and protected by numerous layers of security, and access can be restricted to only a few individuals.

Furthermore, digital files don't run the risk of getting lost due to theft or fire, which are occasional occurrences for small businesses.

Long-Term Cost Efficiency 

Cutting out the paper in your company means reduced costs for your business. If you are a business that finds itself paper-dependant then you will need to purchase cases of paper regularly in order have a full stock on hand at all times. Digital information can be shared without the use of paper, printers, scanners, photocopiers.

Think of the numerous process and devices used in your company which involve producing physical paper documentation. Digitising your companies visitor management is the easiest and most cost-effective step your company can take to see a difference in your companies monthly spend.

The Unknown Costs of Office Storage

Also worth noting is that tradition filing cabinets take up a surprising amount of space for holding physical documentation. Without realising it, the square footage that these cabinets occupy in your office space determine and represent a sizable portion of your lease costs.

If you own your office space, floor space previously used for physical storage of documents can be reallocated for revenue-generating business processes.One such implementation should be a visitor management system.

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Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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