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    Facial Recognition for your Visitor Management Solution


    Recently Facial Recognition has found its popularity soar as a form of on-site verification. By enabling fast and accurate identify validation, many organisations have benefitted from improved on-site security and improved levels of check-in efficiency via facial recognition technology (FRT). In today's feature article, we discuss facial recognition for your visitor management solution.

    How Facial Recognition Works

    Facial Recognition makes it easy for organisations to add image or video analysis to the check-in process for visitors, contractors and guests arriving on-site. If a visitor has previously checked-in on-site and authorised the Visitor Management Kiosk to capture a photo of their face, their facial features are instantly recognised, allowing the visitor to bypass multiple check-in workflow screens and displays unique visit details on-screen. From here the visitor will complete to remainder of the Visitor Check-In Workflow, confirming visit details, signing NDA’s and printing out their visitor badge.

    For first-time visitors, they have an opportunity to pre-upload a photo as part of their email invitation, or connect their LinkedIn profile to provide the Visitor Management Kiosk with the data required for recognition, allowing the visitor to bypass multiple check-in workflow screens and displays unique visit details on-screen. Additionally, for unscheduled on-site visitors, the photo capture process inside the Visitor Management Kiosk is a simple and time-effective process and can be completed in a flash.


    Benefits of Facial Recognition

    Increased Security

    By allowing organisations to easily identify and track any new arrivals, security teams can alter strategies to increase their focus on other areas of security protocol while the Visitor Management Kiosk caters to validating and verifying visitors, contractors and guests. 

    Improved Accuracy

    With 3D mapping and deep learning, facial recognition technology is highly reliable and can perform facial comparison analysis in seconds, comparing faces for a wide variety of user verification, cataloging, people counting, and public safety use cases.

    GDPR Compliant Data Storage

    TDS Facial Recognition has been designed with GDPR Compliance in mind. Facial recognition is largely based on its ability to recognise faces based on facial features. Every individual has their own unique set of distinguishable facial features, known as nodal points. These nodal points are impossible to replicate and can be set for automatic erasion after a set time has elapsed. No actual photo images are stored on client networks, meaning visitor identities remain secure and safe. 

    Easily Integratable 

    With facial recognition being an easily integratable feature, it can be deployed to exist inside security ecosystems that already utilise visitor management and access control. This allows organisations to consolidate entrance/exit data into a centralised platform, improving the visibility of on-site third-parties. 

    Globally Scalable

    Developed using Amazon’s Rekognition software, Facial Recognition is a proven, highly scalable, deep learning technology developed by Amazon’s computer vision scientists to analyse billions of images and videos daily.

    Improved First Impressions 

    Facial recognition is a great way of enhancing your corporate brand image, creating a powerful first impression to your guests. With it's introduction, the visitor check-in process has been simplified and made quicker than ever before.

    Highly Successful 

    The software provides consistent response times regardless of the volume of requests you make. Application latency remains consistent, even as your request volume increases to tens of millions of requests. 


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    Adam Roylance
    Adam Roylance
    Marketing at Time Data Security, a leading provider of innovative security and visitor management software.

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